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Reby thinks Jeff Jarrett leaked rumors WWE bought ‘Broken’ Hardy gimmick from TNA

There’s been a lot of speculation recently about Matt Hardy’s on-screen behavior as it relates to when his “Broken” character might show up in WWE. And, as mentioned in a recent Rumor Roundup, there’s also been online chatter that Vince McMahon’s company purchased the rights to the gimmick from Impact Wrestling parent company Anthem Entertainment (an ownership dispute between Matt & Anthem has been keeping the Hardys from using the act on televised shows).

Yesterday (April 27), Matt’s wife Reby joined both conversations via Twitter. As is her way, Queen Rebecca didn’t pull any punches shooting down the rumors...

She also has a theory on how it got started, considering her family doesn’t acknowledge the gimmick is TNA’s to sell:

Owl-men and rumormongers weren’t the only ones Reby had a <140 character message for, however. She also encouraged fans to have a little patience with her family’s character arc on Raw:

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