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Randy Orton has never really reinvented himself in WWE

WWE did an interview with Randy Orton recently to look back on his 15 years with the company. It’s well worth your time, so go check it out, but maybe the best part is when they try to push that he’s reinvented himself multiple times over — as The Legend Killer or The Viper or The Apex Predator or what have you — and has he found that difficult.

His response nails it:

“Not really, because I've always been kind of the same guy. Whether I was The Legend Killer, The Viper, The Apex Predator, nothing's really changed. When I look at [Superstars] who've had 10 different personas … it's amazing to me. These guys are very talented that they're able to do that. Would I be able to do that? I don't know. Maybe, maybe not. But I think the fact that I've never really had to change is a testament to what my persona is on the show. Whether you're sick of it or love it, you know what you're gonna get with me.”

Randy Orton has always been Randy Orton, no matter what nickname is being used to reference him. That has its advantages and disadvantages, as he has no issue pointing out. Then again, don’t they say the best characters are those who are closest to the real person, just turned up a bit?

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