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Cesaro was hoping for ‘a little more shake up’ in the Raw tag team division

In the “Superstar Shake-Up” a couple weeks ago, WWE moved a number of wrestlers from Monday Night Raw to SmackDown Live and vice versa. The tag team division on Raw, already a bit light, lost both The Colons and The New Day while gaining Heath Slater & Rhyno, who have hardly appeared on television.

For his part, Cesaro told Planeta Wrestling he was hoping for something more:

"There's a lot of guys that shook it up a little bit. I was hoping for a little more shakeup in the tag team division. I was hoping maybe The Usos or American Alpha would come over. Even with the guys who came to Raw — Miz, Dean Ambrose — I've been in the ring with them before and I'd like to get in the ring with them again."

Of course, that doesn’t account for the return of Matt & Jeff Hardy, who won the Raw tag team titles at WrestleMania 33 and will defend those titles against Cesaro & Sheamus at Payback. In that sense, Raw got just as “shaken up” as SmackDown Live, and maybe benefited even more.

Still, they’re already burning through the Hardys program now, meaning they’re running out of fresh opponent. Perhaps, then, we should start looking forward to Cesaro reentering the singles scene sooner rather than later.

Like he said, there are some good opponents awaiting him if he does.

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