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Ric Flair’s wife involved in car accident, but he says she’ll ‘be ok’

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair shared some scary news last night (April 25) - his fiancée Wendy Barlow (known to many wrestling fans as WCW manager Fifi the Maid) was involved in an automobile accident.

Especially considered the wrestling community was just reminded by the death of Jim Ross’ wife Jan how quickly a motor vehicle accident can turn from scary to tragic, fans and insiders alike were concerned, and responded with an outpouring of well wishes and prayers.

Whether you believe those things work or not, Flair shared much happier news this morning:

Wendy Will Be Ok! Thank You For All Of Your Messages And Prayers!!!! The French Maid Will be Back Soon

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With things looking better, it was back to Naitch being Naitch:

Please join us in sending a big “WOO!” Wendy’s way as she recovers from the accident.

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