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Braun Strowman totally hurt Kalisto, you guys

Two days ago, it was very, very clear that Braun Strowman was going to hurt Kalisto. It was clear because he outright said that’s what he was going to do. Then they got to their Dumpster match on Monday Night Raw in Kansas City this week, something the lightweight luchador asked for, and, despite the fact that he found a way to win the match, Kalisto was, indeed, hurt.


The medical update from

Following Raw’s Dumpster Match, Kalisto was brutally injured by Braun Strowman and suffered hip and cervical trauma, Michael Cole reported during Raw. The luchador is currently undergoing further evaluation and observation at a local medical facility in Kansas City, Mo.

Despite saying he was undergoing further evaluation last night, we’ve still been given no update on his condition almost a full day later. But though he’s hurting, Kalisto found time to retweet the slow motion footage of his own destruction:

Right on.

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