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Elias Samson Update: Still Drifting

On the April 24 episode of Raw, we were treated to fewer instances of Elias Samson strumming around the set than we’ve gotten the past few weeks (and, especially sadly, not even one Corey Graves’ disgusted reaction!).

But we did get the above segment which told us two important things:

  1. Miz does not know The Drifter.
  2. He must be signed to Raw, because General Manager Kurt Angle viewed him as an acceptable partner for Miz’s tag match against Chris Jericho & Dean Ambrose.

Does this mean he might settle in as a regular member of the roster when things settle down for the red brand after Payback? Or is he destined to drift forever?

Tune in next week to find out (or just come back here where I’ll again attempt to be funny while writing about him)!

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