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Alexa Bliss proves someone was listening when Stone Cold explained how to shut down ‘WHAT?’ chants

The “What?” chant.

Proof that Steve Austin could literally get anything over with fans - and scourge of the wrestling universe from that day forward.

It’s been known to befuddle many a pro, despite Stone Cold himself offering the formula to shut it down (and Undertaker giving ua a non-PG blueprint years earlier). But not Alexa Bliss.

While I’m not quite as high on Little Miss Bliss as... oh... 97% of the internet, she is clearly the best talker among the women of WWE, and probably top five on the whole roster.

She demonstrated why throughout her promo segment with Bayley and Sasha Banks on Raw last night (April 24). But effortlessly quieting the segment of the Kansas City crowd that wanted to derail her with “WHAT?”s was a real high point.

The above video is queued up to the moment she hits ‘em with it, and here it is in GIF form:

The real beauty of it is how the “WHAT?”ers just continue along, and walk right into Alexa’s trap.

Keep blowing their minds, AB.

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