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King Maxel marking out for The Hardy Boyz entrance is the best thing you’ll see today

There’s a lot to love about what Matt Hardy’s been doing in pro wrestling lately (and for his whole career, if we just omit that scary period at the start of this decade). One of those things was declaring his wife and son “House Hardy” and even annoucing Reby’s pregnancy and the gender of their second child via Impact Wrestling angles.

It’s seems doubtful WWE will let Matt bring a toddler to Raw even if/when he becomes broken once again, so Queen Rebecca & King Maxel have faded away a bit since Matt & Jeff returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33. But they’re not obsolete - you just have to go on social media to find them.

Twitter is where you’ll discover this DELIGHTFUL video of Maxel reacting to the Hardy Boyz, aka DaDa and Uncle Jeff, making their entrance in Kansas City last night (April 24):

I’m still looking forward to the interviews this kid is gonna give in twenty years where he shoots on his parents for there being so many pictures of him in diapers and a red velvet paisley waistcoat on the internet.

But in the meantime, that video is wonderful.

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