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Kalisto wins Dumpster Match; Braun Strowman makes him pay for it

To say there was good deal of anticipation for Braun Strowman’s Dumpster Match against Kalisto on the April 24 edition of Raw would be a bit of an understatement.

Coming off two straight weeks of incredibly well built and presented segments featuring the Monster Among Men, fans were excited to see what creative destruction WWE could devise for Strowman to deliver. Turns out ambulance flipping and ring collapsing may have been too high a bar to clear.

But at least they gave us a pretty good underdog story. Kalisto broke out a new look and new music, and even delivered a fiery promo to General Manager Kurt Angle before heading to the ring for the match he asked for against Braun.

The former U.S. champion gave as good as he got in the early going, and even survived some of Strowman’s power offense to pull off the shocking upset - knocking the Abominable One off the apron into the dumpster to secure the upset win.

Of course, as announcer Corey Graves said, that might have been the worst thing the luchador could do. Kalisto was thrown around the ring area like the proverbial lawn dart for the next several minutes before being loaded into the dumpster.

Braun wasn’t done there, either. He pushed the trash receptacle up the ramp, and chasing off producers and referees, strapped it shut and shoved it off the stage.

It was only a short drop, but Graves and Michael Cole did their best to sell it like the worst thing we’ve ever seen happen to someone. Problem is, we’ve seen worse happen to Roman Reigns and Big Show (and even John Cone) the last two weeks.

Strowman heads into his Payback match against Reigns, and Kalisto left in an ambulance (depite some tense moments while cameras followed paramedics and Angle wheeling a stretcher to the vehicle, Braun never appeared for a repeat of his stunt from April 10).

We’ll provide you with updates on both as we have them.

What did you make at WWE’s latest attempt at Monster-building, Cagesiders?

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