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Is WWE actually planning a Becky Lynch vs. James Ellsworth match?

A tweet from SmackDown Live’s creative head fuels the rampant speculation.

Becky Lynch suplexes James Ellsworth at WrestleMania 33

For weeks and weeks, the tension has built between Becky Lynch and James Ellsworth, aka “The Big Hog.” The troubles began two weeks before WrestleMania during a SmackDown Live match between Lynch and Carmella. Ellsworth (and then Natalya) interfered, eventually leading to Lynch missile drop kicking Ellsworth in the face (after Carmella had pulled him into the path of the blow to protect herself)—an incident that had SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan claiming on Talking Smack that Ellsworth “Took it, took it right to the face.” A week later, Ellsworth helped his “friend that is a girl” pin Becky in a tag team match on SmackDown.

Finally in Orlando, The Irish Lasskicker gave Ellsworth a Bexploder suplex during the SmackDown Women’s Championship Six-Pack Challenge. Perhaps she needs to add “Ladkicker” to her tagline now.

Fun little moment. Arc over, right?

Not so fast!

Their Twitter banter—in which Lynch has continuously, mercilessly savaged Braun Strowman’s first victim—has been well documented by Cageside heads Geno Mrosko and Sean Rueter. Lynch has openly asked Commissioner Shane McMahon and Bryan for the match, and Ellsworth for his part has appeared more than willing to contest a bout of grappling with the inaugural SmackDown Live Women’s Champion.

Some fans are growingly increasingly excited about the prospect, including one Twitter user, who mocked up a hypothetical match graphic and tagged SmackDown producer Brian James:

But it’s the Road Dogg’s response that is truly interesting:

Well then!

What do you say, Cagesiders? Is this a match you want to see on SmackDown Live?

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