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Here’s how Charlotte Flair reacted to moving to SmackDown Live

Charlotte spent a year dominating the Raw women’s division, racking up five championship runs while becoming an actual pay-per-view (PPV) main event talent. It was a big deal, then, when WWE decided to ship her off to SmackDown Live in the “Superstar Shake-Up.”

Her reaction to as much, as told to Sporting News:

“I've established myself on 'Raw,' so I feel moving to a different brand, the pressure of reestablishing myself with a whole new group of women and figuring out where my character goes on SmackDown.

“I can't speak for the other women on 'Raw' or 'SmackDown' but I know, for myself, personally, the minute I left 'Raw' Monday night I said to myself 'SmackDown' is the women's division that you're gonna want to be on. That's my mindset. Yes, competition is in full effect because that's kind of the point of having two brands. Obviously, I want both brands to do well but I'm just that competitive. I want the 'SmackDown' women to do extremely well and let's see what we can do.”

The blue brand has an entirely different look and feel with Charlotte on it, a testament to how she was presented over on the red brand. Upon her entry, she immediately defeated the champion of the division, Naomi, to set up a title match next week. She may very well be leading the charge in an attempt to overtake Raw.

Can they?

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