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Jim Ross returns to call WrestleMania 33 main event between Undertaker and Roman Reigns

WWE on Twitter

Reports indicated Jim Ross was returning to work for WWE at WrestleMania 33, but no one could agree on what match he might call, or what else the deal included.

We still don’t know the answer to the second question, but the Hall of Famer joined Michael Cole and JBL at the announce table for the main event in Orlando - Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns. It’s a move that will further speculation that “The Ultimate Thrill Ride” is the Dead Man’s last ride, but we’ll know more about that in a bit.

When we’ll find out what else JR will be doing for Vince McMahon is less clear. Ross, of course, just suffered a personal tragedy when his wife was killed in a motor vehicle accident, but the Oklahoman made all of his ‘Mania week bookings as working seems to be helpful to his greiving process, and he says it’s what Jan Ross would have wanted him to do.

Glad it helps, JR. And even if it’s just for tonight - welcome home.

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