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WrestleMania 33 results: Rob Gronkowski helps Mojo Rawley win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

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WWE threw their WrestleMania 33 broadcast over to USA Network at 6PM, and that portion of the Kickoff kicked off with the fourth annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

The many participants marched down the insanely long entrance ramp at Camping World Stadium together, with Braun Strowman entering last (and with his own entrance music). Mojo Rawley’s best friend Rob Growkowski was shown in the audience before the bell rang, so we kind of had our favorites - along with at least one surprise, as Luke Harper was present as an unannounced entrant.

Another Superstar many suspected had a chance was previous winner Big Show, who was only in the match as a consolation prize because his bout with Shaqille O’Neal fell through. But Show - and Strowman! - were eliminated early, creating real suspense about who might claim the Andre trophy.

A focal point of the next several minutes involved former World champion Dolph Ziggler hanging on for dear life, while many big names from SmackDown, including current and former tag champs The Usos, American Alpha and Heath Slater & Rhyno.

The Show-Off was tossed by Mojo, as part of a series of big eliminations from the Hype Man, who sent Harper out shortly after. Sami Zayn was shockingly eliminated by NXT’s Killian Dain, leaving the final three of Rawley, Dain and Jinder Mahal.

A showdown between the SAnitY member and Gronk’s buddy ended when Mahal sent Mojo through the second rope, and led to a moment where Jinder threw a beer on the New England Patriots star. Security tried to stop the tight end from getting involved, but he doffed his shirt and climbed in the ring to deliver a huge shoulder block to Mahal!

Mojo and Gronk hyped each other up, and then the All-Pro left the ring. A big running forearm allowed Rawley to send Dain over the top, and then it was time for a battle with Jinder on the apron and Mojo inside. A running forearm finally sent the former 3MB member to the floor, and Zack Ryder’s tag partner is the fourth man to claim the AtGMBR trophy... with a little help from a Super Bowl champion partner.

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