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Nikki Bella WrestleMania 33 Diary

  • The most memorable kiss in WWE history
  • Nikki Bella's unforgettable first match with John Cena
  • The monumental WrestleMania announcement
  • Enough of the jokes, Nikki Bella and John Cena are ready to fight
  • Nikki Bella gets her neck X-rayed before The Show of Shows! Hope for the best!
  • Nikki Bella's neck X-ray results are in! Is she cleared for WrestleMania?
  • How to OVERpack for WrestleMania, just like Nikki Bella! (Important: sit on your suitcase!)
  • Nikki Bella's road trip to WrestleMania with her bro and their funny gas station story!
  • Cheers to 400,000 subscribers! Our road to 1 million - Thank you, Bella Army
  • Nikki Bella unpacks her 'Mania gear and the booty shorts that were once banned!
  • Nikki exposes her neck injury details and beef with Maryse to the press
  • Move over Lil Yachty! Nikki and Daniel Bryan are breaking into the rap game!
  • Charlotte Flair's admiration for Nikki Bella runs deep
  • Nikki's cringeworthy social media theory hurts Daniel Bryan's head!
  • Nikki needs brunch and a nap before WWE Hall of Fame
  • John Cena and Nikki Bella's endearing backstage moment at the WWE Hall of Fame
  • Nikki Bella surprises lucky fans with free WrestleMania tickets
  • YOU inspire Nikki Bella! Thank you for the love and support at WrestleMania Axxess VIP signing
  • Nikki Bella's beautifully kind message for the man of her life, John Cena
  • Nikki's important words on the eve of WrestleMania (The calm before the storm!)

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