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WrestleMania 33 results, live streaming match coverage: Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar, Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns

WWE WrestleMania 33 is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., April 2, 2017) from Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida at 5:00 p.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of WrestleMania 33 below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.


Roman Reigns def. Undertaker
Naomi def. Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, Mickie James, Carmella, and Natalya

Brock Lesnar def.
Randy Orton def. Bray Wyatt Seth Rollins def. Triple H John Cena & Nikki Bella def. Miz & MaryseThe Hardys def. Good Brothers, Realest Guys, and Cesaro & SheamusBayley def. Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Nia JaxKevin Owens def. Chris Jericho
AJ Styles
def. Shane McMahon
Dean Ambrose def. Baron Corbin
Mojo Rawley
wins the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
Neville def. Austin Aries


Close your eyes, look deep in your soul, step outside yourself and let your mind go, because we got seven hours of WrestleMania to strap in for and I'll be your guide with this here full-service liveblog!

Pre-show opens with a long show of the arena in full glory as Renee Young welcomes us. Joining her on the panel are Jerry "the King" Lawler, Booker T, and Shawn Michaels. Charly Caruso and Maria Menounos are in the Social Media Lounge, and they'll be joined by Paul Heyman in a little bit.

Toss to Sam Roberts, who's out in the crowd, before the panel shills for the Network a little and toss to a video package for the WWE Championship match. The panel then discusses the match, centered around the question of which Randy Orton we might get tonight.

AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon gets discussed next, focusing on the idea that Shane has all this crazy stuff, but AJ is one of the best wrestlers in the world. Seth Rollins vs. HHH is next, and it gets a video package. Crying shame they picked the worst song off the new Metallica record for it, though. Panel discussion follows.

Peter Rosenberg walks down the massive ramp for a moment before the panel moves on to the United States Championship match. Lita joins the panel in the place of Lawler for the women's matches. The Raw title is up first, and then the Smackdown one.

From there onto the mixed tag before setting up for our first match!

Austin Aries vs. Neville (c) (WWE Cruiserweight Championship)

Circling, collar and elbow, Neville with a side headlock, Aries shoots him off, eats a shoulder block. Jawing, taunting, back to the lockup, the King gets a wristlock, twists it, Austin reverses, grabs a side headlock but they end up in the ropes.

Criss cross, arm drag into an armbar, Neville reverses with a headscissors. Aries with a headstand escape, backslide, right out, Last Chancery attempt but the King takes his leave and heads outside. Austin takes a breather in the turnbuckles himself. Back body drop to the apron, back in, Austin claps the ears, step-up headlock takeover, countered with a headscissors, escape made.

Elbow and a snapmare, corkscrew elbow off the top, Neville bails again. Aries fires up, but the suicide dive is blocked by a gamengiri! Lying in wait, up top, the King perches and hits a missile dropkick for a one count before we take a break.

Back to the action, the King has his challenger grounded with a reverse chinlock but Aries gets to his feet, to the corner, but he runs into a boot from the champ. Neville to the second, Phoenix Splash comes up empty! Austin throwing chops, STO gutbuster into the pendulum elbow! Fireman's carry, Neville slips out, tries an O'Connor roll, blocked, charges, back body drop to the outside!

Aries up top... DIVING BRAIN CHOP! Suicide dive sends the King into the barricade, back in the ring it gets a nearfall. Hooking the Last Chancery but Neville gets up and forces him in the corner. Pump kick in the corner, he sets Austin up top and throws a right hand before joining him. Thinking superplex but Aries throws hands to block and shoves him to the mat before connecting with a missile dropkick for his own... no good!

Drawing the champion up, hooked for a suplex but Neville floats over and grabs a waistlock. Out, off the ropes, snap German suplex connects but the King can't capitalize. Waistlock again, up and over with the deadlift German suplex but Aries lands on his feet and sets up the rolling elbow, countered with a superkick! Neville with a bridging German suplex... NOPE!

Disdainful stomp to the back of Austin's head as he tries to right himself, followed by chokes and stomps in the corner. He drags Aires in the center of the ring with a wristlock, hooks the Rings but Aries turns it into a pin. Slugging it out, forearm on forearm, enzuigiri, rolling elbow... but the champion rolls outside from the impact. Austin brings him to the apron and drags him up to his height but Neville has an enguiziri chambered and nails him.

Up top, Austin meets him, right hand, up there with him... AVALANCHE FRANKENSTEINER! Stinger splash, Aries up top... 450 SPLASH! NEVILLE KICKS OUT! Last Chancery applied, Neville struggling but he rakes Austin's eyes! He knocks Aries off the ropes with a kick, and heads up top...

Neville wins by pinfall with Red Arrow, retaining the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.


Back to the pre-show panel, they discuss the match a bit before shilling the Network for those watching on YouTube or what have you. We get re-introduced to the panel, which Jerry Lawler rejoined, and it's right to another match.

Fourth Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in Memory of Andre the Giant

One of the Shining Stars goes out immediately and the struggle begins! Kalisto goes to the apron, hits an enzuigiri on Braun Strowman, but the monster among men knocks him right back off the apron and into elimination, soon joined by Simon Gotch and Heath Slater. Big Show dumps an Uso and then Goldust and Konnor. A bunch of dudes are trying to wipe Henry out but they stop when Braun and Show square off.

Sami Zayn clobbers Braun and everybody circles a giant. Strowman breaks free and eliminates Big Show! He dumps Viktor after and the crush surrounds him and Braun is eliminated as well! Curt Hawkins is dumped, but there are still a LOT of people left. Jinder Mahal trying to eliminate Killian Dain and failing, Luke Harper is working on Dolph Ziggler but even with Tyler Breeze's help the Show-Off is still in.

R-Truth tries to dump Dolph as well, no dice, and in fact Truth ends up eliminated. Harper working on Breeze now, he can't do it, Jinder has the other Uso, bupkis. Dolph dumps Rhyno, moments later hes hanging on as Mahal tries to dump him. American Alpha dump Aiden English, Curtis Axel, and the other Uso in short order. Dain dumps Jason Jordan and Chad gable by himself, and the struggle continues.

Breeze and Fandango dumped by Tian Bing, Mark Henry press slams Sin Cara onto both guys! A bunch of dudes dump Mark Henry in return. Bing looks to take care of Ziggler but again Dolph blocks and eliminates Tian with a superkick. Sami Zayn dumps Epico, Dolph and Luke struggling, Titus O'Neil comes to help but no good. Mojo Rawley dumps Bo Dallas and Dolph remembers that he had a thing with Mojo, charging him.

Rawley Pounces him and dumps Ziggler right after! Titus and Jinder eliminate Harper, Sami eliminates Titus and Dain eliminates Zayn! Killian's fired up but Mojo clobbers him and fends Mahal off shortly there after. Mojo and Killian square off and go slugging... POUNCE! Jinder dumps Mojo but he goes through the second so he's not eliminated and Mahal takes him to the woodshed outside.

Jinder gets in Rawley's footballman friend's face and throws his drink at him! Footballman jumps the barricade! He takes his shirt off and gets in the match! Three-point stance... POUNCE! He and Mojo share a moment and Rawley clobbers Dain with the charging forearm twice in a row before eliminating him! It's Mojo and Jinder, rights, a Hot Shot, Mahal trying to suplex him over but Mojo ties himself up in the ropes. Charging forearm...

Mojo Rawley wins the Fourth Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in Memory of Andre the Giant, last eliminating Jinder Mahal.

Mojo and his pal celebrate in the ring.


We go back to the panel for more Network salesmanship. Paul Heyman in the Social Media Lounge is up soon, but first we go to Sam Roberts in the crowd again.

Paul E is in the lounge and he insists on doing his own introduction. The first question is about how many suplexes Goldberg will take, and Paul gives his stock answer about however many it takes before discussing the schools of thought on the match. He's asked about future clients, and he offers his services to Charly and Maria right here, pitching a show for them.

Last question is what a loss for Brock would mean for his future, and Heyman says it would mean that someone needs to wake Brock up from a bad dream, because there's no way Brock loses in reality. The panel discusses the match a bit and make their predictions. Next match on the discussion docket is also our next preshow match, the Intercontinental Championship match.

Toss to Peter Rosenberg in the crowd for a moment before the match.

Baron Corbin vs. Dean Ambrose (c) (WWE Intercontinental Championship)

Corbin clobbers Ambrose out the gate and throws him in the corner. But Dean ducks the charge and throws a suicide dive when Baron ends up outside. Face into the barricade a few times, forearms, Ambrose rolls him back in and charges with a forearm. Bulldog attempted but the Lone Wolf slips out and sends him into the ringpost, punctuating with a baseball slide and a slingshot dropkick.

To another corner, a right hand, Ambrose stumbles to the next, shoulder block and he holds it, sucking the wind out of the champion. Dean throwing rights, Baron hits a knee and charges into a boot. Dean runs into a goozle, Nodowa Otoshi! Corbin dumps him outside and follows, throwing Ambrose into the barricade. Back in the ring, he hooks Dean for a suplex but he floats over, thinking Dirty Deeds, slipped out, corner avalanche.

Half nelson neck crank grounds Ambrose but the champ gets to his feet and throws elbows to break the hold. Lone Wolf back in with a knee, but he catches an elbow on a charge and gets put into the ringpost on another. Dean heads to the apron, climbs up top, diving crossbody but Baron catches him in the ribs and blocks it. Setting Ambrose up top, Corbin climbs after, looking for a superplex.

Dean blocks, throwing headbutts to knock the big man to the mat, up and over, kick to the gut, Dirty Deeds hooked, thrown off, he low-bridges Corbin outside but dives into a right hand! Baron charges hard, Ambrose jumps out of the way and the Lone Wolf goes crashing into the steel steps! Diving elbow drop to the outside! Punches and chops, off the ropes, jumping lariat, off the corner but he charges into a back elbow.

Corbin's momentum blocked with a swinging neckbreaker that gets two, Dean follows into the corner for mounted punches but Baron throws him off with an Alarm Clock knee. Deep Six blocked, Dean thinking pendulum lariat, Baron blocks with a boot! Deep Six connects... NOPE! Corbin throws his elbow pad off and rains elbows down on Ambrose's left ear!

Dean slaps him big, takes a forearm, comes off with the pendulum lariat! The champ's getting fired up, kick to the gut, Dirty Deeds clutched again but the Lone Wolf counters with a one-arm powerbomb... NO GOOD! Corbin yells at Ambrose, slugging him with forearms to punctuate, End of Days, Dean slips out...

Dean Ambrose wins by pinfall with Dirty Deeds, retaining the WWE Intercontinental Championship.


One last bout of Network shilling, complete with a highlight reel, followed by discussion of Roman Reigns vs. the Undertaker. Back to Peter Rosenberg outside again, and then to Sam Roberts, who is here to talk about Roman getting booed, because that dead horse hasn't been flogged enough yet, and then the panel speaks to the match some more themselves before we end the pre-show with a video package.


The main show begins with another wide show and then Tinashe singing America the Beautiful.

We then get a intro video built around the whole rollercoaster theme.

Big E does the deal, so it's time for the New Day to come out and do the hosting deal. They head down the ramp as Michael Cole struggles to say "Moogle" and "Chocobo" describing their allegedly Final Fantasy themed outfits. Xavier Woods plays the victory fanfare when they get to the ring, and Kofi Kingston does indeed have a moogle on his shoulder.

Woods says they're excited to be here and know WWE were looking at a lot of different hosts, which is a setup for the owl gimmick. Xavier and Kofi put over the concept of pro wrestling. E says something about pulling levers and the other two chastise him for not having class, so he rephrases. New! Day rocks!, etc., and we move on to the video package for our first match.

AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon

Styles backing off into the ropes but they lock up and he wrestles a circle around Shane before shoving him away. Circling, back to the lockup, Shane trying for a wristlock, gets it, but AJ easily reverses to a hammerlock. Reversed again, side headlock, Styles reverses to one of his own. Off the ropes, shoulder block, leapfrog, AJ catches him with a snapmare and mocks the shuffle.

McMahon pulls himself up and they circle again, lockup, Shane flips AJ away! Side headlock takeover, AJ escapes, arm drags, waistlock takedown, schoolboy pin, Shane really trying to prove he can hang with the Phenomenal One and Styles bails! Back in the ring, Shane has his dukes up and AJ berates him, asking if they're gonna wrestle or fight. So of course, Styles clobbers him with a big right as he goes in to lock up.

McMahon with a punch flurry, backing AJ in the corner and forcing him to cover up as referee Mike Chioda calls for the break. A big back elbow sends Styles spinning but he's back in with a throat thrust and he throws Shane out of the ring by his jersey. Off the ropes, a baseball slide sends McMahon over the announce desk! Right hand, he slams Shane's face against the apron and rolls him inside.

Another clobbering overhead right dizzies Shane, a kick to the shoulder, he fires a punch to the gut back but AJ clocks him for it. Jumping knee drop, another right, backing McMahon up in the corner as he wobbles. Charging corner lariat gets two, another right, he paintbrushes McMahon's face but Shane gets back into it with instinctual rights and lefts.

Styles Rush, Shane forces him to the corner and the apron, AJ looking to springboard but McMahon hits the ropes and knocks him down! Shane gets to his feet, running out of gas but still punching and starting to shuffle a little. Styles is staggered and knocked down by a right, a leaping corkscrew elbow levels him! Release suplex, and an Olympic Slam gets two.

AJ blocks a suplex and kicks his leg out of his leg before hitting Ushigoroshi! Clutched for the Styles Clash, McMahon backs him in the corner, but AJ has a counter, Calf Killer locked on! Shane fighting, trying to dig deep and find a counter, he grabs a headlock and turns it into a sleeper hold! AJ positioning, McMahon rolls it into a cross armbar! Shift to an omoplata armbar and into a crucifix pin but Styles is still fighting.

Double lariats, both men are knocked down! AJ heads to the apron, Shane goes to drag him in but Styles snaps his neck against the top rope. Springboard 450.. SHANE CATCHES TO A TRIANGLE CHOKE! McMahon's really wrenching it in but AJ gets to his feet and picks him up... ONE-ARM STYLES CLASH! NOT ENOUGH! On their feet, both men spent, slugging it out punch for punch.

Shane with a corner knee, laying 'em in... AJ KICKS CHIODA IN THE HEAD! PELE KICK! Medics check on Mike Chioda and AJ goes looking for plunder, coming out with a few trash cans. He separates them and sets McMahon up in the corner, pinning him with a trash can. Up top on the opposite corner, he dives... SHANE GETS THE TRASH CAN UP! He chucks it outside and sets AJ up in the corner himself.

He sets the other trash can up, climbs the turnbuckles... COAST TO COAST! Chioda's waking up... AJ STYLES KICKS OUT! McMahon dismantles the announce desk and drags AJ out of the ring, setting him up on it. Shane climbs the turnbuckles... ELBOW DROP THROUGH THE TABLE BUT NOBODY'S HOME! Chioda counting, AJ gets McMahon back in the ring and draws himself up on the apron, Phenomenal Forearm... COUNTERED TO A DDT!

Shane climbs up top again... SHOOTING STAR PRESS?! AJ ROLLED AWAY! The elbow pad is off, Styles sets himself up and waits...

AJ Styles wins by pinfall with the Phenomenal Forearm!


We get a Snickers ad where Charlotte Flair is James Ellsworth.

Chris Jericho (c) vs. Kevin Owens (WWE United States Championship)

Staredown, circling, right to the Frye/Takayama punches! Off the ropes, Jericho picks the legs, the Walls of Jericho is on! KO gets the ropes, Y2J fires a baseball slide, heads up top and dives on Owens on the outside. Throws him into the steps, chops against the barricade and he rolls his challenger back in the ring. Up top again, diving punch wipes Kev out.

Crossface blows as Owens hangs on the ropes, whip across, KO fires a superkick and wipes Chris out. Mounted punches, a stomp in passing, and a cannonball! To the apron, he hits another cannonball, sandwiching Y2J's head against the ringpost. In the ring, a cover for one, Penalty Kick to the back and Owens prowls, jawing. Another kick and the reverse chinlock is in.

He lets go, Penalty Kick classic into a senton for two before punishing Jericho against the ropes. Disdainful slaps, KO hits the ropes and runs into a dropkick! He dumps Kev outside and follows, but gets shoved into the apron. Trying for a powerbomb but Y2J counters with a back body drop before charging him with elbows repeatedly. Back in the ring, Chris climbs, diving corkscrew elbow gets two.

Hard chops in the corner, a boot, punches, whip reversed, up and over, trying for the Codebreaker, Owens blocks and hits the package Flowsion! KO's forehead opened a little, he climbs the turnbuckles but Jericho cuts him off and meets him for mounted punches before firing off an avalanche Frankensteiner for two! Whip reversed, Y2J counters a back drop and hits his one-handed bulldog.

Lionsault, Owens moves, Jericho lands on his feet but Kev has a superkick for him! Giant step, KO climbs the turnbuckles, frog splash, Chris has the knees up! Lionsault, Owens has the knees up! Up top again, senton atomico... JERICHO HAS THE KNEES UP AGAIN! Picks the legs, trying for the Walls of Jericho again but KO flips him away, off the ropes, Kev catches a crossbody, flips him around, Air Raid Crash for two!

Pop-up powerbomb dodged, back elbow, Lionsault connects this time... NOT ENOUGH! Kick to the ribs, paintbrushes him with a slap, whip reversed, charge blocked with an uppercut, KO reverses a Frankensteiner into a Boston Crab of his own! Y2J on the verge of tapping but he rolls through and throws a few punches, so KO catapults him.

Chris lands on his feet on the second rope, Kev with a superkick, cannonball connects but Jericho has his legs and turns him over... Walls of Jericho are back on! Owens pushes himself up and crawls to the bottom rope to break. Y2J putting boots to him against the ropes now, backing off, he charges, off the ropes, pop-up powerbomb... NO GOOD!

Owens fighting mad, he goes over to Jericho and draws him up, telling him they were never friends as he punches him. Off the ropes, pop-up... COUNTERED TO A CODEBREAKER! OWENS GETS ONE FINGER ON THE ROPES! Kev drags himself out of the ring but hands Jericho up when he follows and kicks his knee... APRON POWERBOMB! Back in the ring...

Kevin Owens wins by pinfall with a lateral press, winning the WWE United States Championship.


We get a house ad for Payback, scheduled for April 30.

Bayley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks (WWE Raw Women's Championship Elimination Match)

Charlotte right in on Nia but the big woman puts her in the corner. On her back, Jax throws her off and follows it with a slam. All three other women charge her but Jax levels them and stacks Bayley and Sasha in the corner for an avalanche. Champion set up, Nia hits a Banzai Drop but Flair attacks her from behind before she can go for a pin. Throwing chops and elbows, Jax reverses the whip, Flair Flip, and Nia tosses her off the apron onto the others!

Bayley to the apron, climbing up, trepidation on her face as she's joined by Banks and Flair. All three get in and circle Jax, Boss has her leg and Charlotte chop blocks her. Trying for a double suplex, Nia blocks but Charlotte gets her over with a big boot... NOT ENOUGH! Jax tosses Bayley outside in passing and kicks Sasha away before shoving Flair in the corner and clobbering her with a corner avalanche.

Going for another Banzai Drop but Bayley blocks and all three women join forces...

Nia Jax is eliminated by all three other women with a triple powerbomb.

Charlotte offers a high five but they don't bite so she bails and leaves them to it. Collar and elbow, Flair drags the Hugger outside and Sasha throws a dive that only wipes Bayley out. Charlotte climbs the turnbuckles... CORKSCREW MOONSAULT TO THE OUTSIDE! Back in the ring, Natural Selection on Banks but she holds on and reverses to the Bank Statement crossface!

Looking for the figure four leglock, countered, Flair gets the STO backbreaker combo in for two. Charlotte trying to remove a turnbuckle pad, Bayley stops her and Sasha's throwing forearms. Overhand chop, whip reversed, Boss with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Running knees in the corner, Flair shoots her to the apron, she goes up top... METEORA! NO GOOD!

Crossface back on, Charlotte struggling to her feet, going for a counter, Boss gets an O'Connor roll and Flair kicks her into the partially exposed turnbuckle...

Charlotte Flair eliminates Sasha Banks with a lateral press.

Charlotte kicking Bayley's leg out from under her before ramming her knee into the exposed turnbuckle. Climbing up top, moonsault but the champ rolls away and covers her for two. Hugger up top herself now, Flair counters the dive with a spinebuster and locks the figure four on! She bridges back for the full figure eight as Bayley pulls her back to the ropes... she has them but Charlotte refuses to break!

Stepover knee drop to the knee, Flair hangs Bayley in the Tree of Woe and climbs the turnbuckles over her to stomp the bad knee. Drawing Bayley up for forearms but the champ fights back with body blows and back body drops her off the top! Bayley's still trapped and Flair charges in but eats turnbuckle as the Hugger sits up. She gets out of the tree, stands up straight...

Bayley wins, last eliminating Charlotte Flair by pinfall with the diving elbow drop, retaining the WWE Raw Women's Championship.


Hall of Fame recap video package is up now, and then the 2017 Hall of Fame class is presented on the stage, as is tradition. From there, some hype for WrestleMania travel packages for next year, because the wheel ever continues turning.

Seth Rollins is in the trainer's room getting his knee taped up extra tight, but now, it's time for ladders.

Enzo & Big Cass, they do the deal. Cass says they're gonna climb as many rungs as it takes, or at least up to four, until they win the titles, and declares them SAWFT.

Wait, the New Day come down and inform us that they have just received word that this is a four-way match. One more team is involved, but who?


Cesaro & Sheamus vs. Enzo & Big Cass vs. the Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) (c) vs. the Hardys (Jeff & Matt Hardy) (WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Ladder Match)

All out chaos with all eight men brawling to start! The Hardys are working the Club over, Poetry in Motion on Gallows and then Anderson in turn! Whip for Enzo, double team elbows, Cass in, they suplex him together! Cesaro and Sheamus even things up, but Jeff throws back elbows, WHISPER IN THE WIND! Matt's giving the crowd a single slash of his arm whenever the "DELETE!" chants go up, it's great.

Ladders in play, Matt knocks Cesaro off the apron with one! Jeff is climbing but Luke knocks the ladder over. The good brothers clobber Matt with the ladder and then the same for Jeff himself. They set the ladder up and Karl climbs but Cesaro and Sheamus are in to run interference and the Swiss Superman knocks Machine Gun onto Sheamus' shoulders for a Finlay Roll, Cesaro comes off wit ha double stomp!

Finlay Roll for Gallows, Cesaro climbing, Big knocks the ladder over and Amore catches him with an awkward inverted stomp facebreaker. Cass boots Jeff over, and the Realest Guys lean the ladder in the corner. They go outside for two more ladders, Matt and Jeff set up two of their own between apron and barricade but they get squashed between them.

Cass throws Enzo over a ladder to wipe Tex Ferguson out! Sheamus sets him up for the Beats of the Bodhran at the same time Cesaro gets Anderson in the swing! Catapult into a powerslam from the Celtic Warrior, Tiger feint kick for Gallows! Sheamus passes his Swiss compatriot a ladder but Big boots it out of his hands and tosses Enzo at Cesaro and Matt!

Jeff kicks Cass away, to the apron, a Brogue Kick knocks him off the apron! "Brother Nero!" chants, this is a hoot. Sheamus brings another ladder in and sets it up to climb but Big LG comes in and climbs after him, blocking him from grabbing the titles. Enzo pushes the ladder over! He sets it back up but he's a little off, Cass helps him up and Gallows and Sheamus work together... POWERBOMB INTO THE LADDER!

Brogue Kick, Luke with a Cactus Clothesline, Enzo climbing, Machine Gun meets him with punches. They struggle up top, Amore throwing right hands with abandon but Karl rakes the eyes and tosses him into Swiss Death! Cesaro and Sheamus pull Anderson down, thinkgin double-team Razor's Edge but Gallows saves his buddy and they hook Cesaro... MAGIC KILLER! TWIST OF FATE ON GALLOWS!

Karl climbs, Matt meets him and they trade punches on top the ladder. Face smash... TWIST OF FATE OFF THE LADDER! Jeff climbing a ladder nowhere near the titles, Sheamus and Cesaro are on ladders stretched across the aisle... SWANTON BOMB OFF THE LADDER! MATT CLIMBS!

The Hardys win by retrieving the title belts from the hook, winning the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship!

The Hardys celebrate with the titles!


Jimmy Fallon is shown in the crowd and we're off to the next one!

John Cena & Nikki Bella vs. Maryse & the Miz

Nikki and Maryse start, circling, but Maryse tags Miz in as soon as Bella advances on her. Cena and Miz, Miz playing to the crowd, circling, and Miz stalls again. John moves towards him and Miz bails and shares a kiss with his wife. Cena chases him around, Miz suckers him back in the ring and puts boots to him against the ropes before posing for the crowd again!

Big left puts John in the ropes and Miz runs over to choke him. referee Dan Engler backs him off and Maryse slaps the 16-time world champion. The must-see superstar slugs him with another left and throws a kick in the corner before teeing off again and posing for his public. Awesome Clothesline connects, and again he soaks in the adulation before climbing up top for a diving axehandle that gets two.

Off the ropes, he pastes John with a boot and calls for one more, nailing him! The crowd wants another and he gives it to them! Cena dragging himself up in the corner, Miz with another charge but he side-steps it and Miz eats turnbuckle! Desperate for the tag but Maryse yanks Nikki off the apron! Backbreaker / neckbreaker combo connects but John kicks out!

Cena, reaching out, praying, he blocks a punch, fireman's carry but Miz slips out, basement DDT... NOT ENOUGH! Miz with the "Yes!" fingers, he shushes the crowd and lays the chest kicks in! Cena falls away from the big one and Miz taunts Nikki. BELLAHAMMER! Miz goes flying outside! Cena gets the tag! Bella in with the spear! Mounted punches! Nikki Bella suicide dive on Miz!

Back in the ring with Maryse, Nikki sizes her up... BELLAHAMMER! Fall-forward Blue Thunder Driver on Miz! "You can't see me! Double five knuckle shuffles into tandem finishers...

John Cena & Nikki Bella win by pinfall with a simultaneous Attitude Adjustment and Rack Attack 2.0 on Miz and Maryse respectively.

Cena gets on the mic and says this is what Nikki wanted over a year ago, when she broke her neck-- she wanted to come back and get a WrestleMania moment. He's very proud of her, and before surgery she said there'd be a time where she'd be a little loopy and she'd give him an honest answer but wouldn't remember what they talked about. And for a year and a half, she asked him what they spoke about, and he promised he'd tell her when the time was right.

The time is right, and right as they were wheeling her into the OR, she was glassy, in and out, and at the last second he said "Stop" and asked if she could hear him. She said yes, and he said he only had one question, that she knew one day he was gonna marry her. She said yes, and he just needs her to say yes one more time.



Seth Rollins vs. Triple H (Unsanctioned Match)

Hockey punches to start, Seth backs Hunter against the ropes and hammers him! Off the ropes, duck a lariat, single leg dropkick sends HHH outside! He goes after the leg but Rollins kicks him into the ringpost and stalks after him, throwing big rights against the barricade. Whip reversed and Seth goes into the barricade, where Hunter dragon screw leg whips him.

Rollins follows with a crossbody over the barricade and they fight into the crowd, Seth throwing rights. HHH charges, back body drop takes him over the barricade and back to the aisle. Rollins jumps on the barricade and dives with a forearm, coming face to face with Stephanie McMahon before going back to the ring, where Triple is seeking refuge.

He catches the foot on a dive but Rollins gets away. Leg caught again, the Architect throws an enzuigiri and HHH goes outside... SUICIDE DIVE! A SECOND! Seth bounces Triple into the German announce table and clears it for violence, slamming his head into it and setting him up. Rollins climbs, thinking Pedigree but HHH punches his knee and spikes him with a DDT!

Hunter gets a chair and smashes it over Seth's bad knee! And a second as soon as the Architect reaches his feet! He hangs Seth up across the table and the barricade... KNEE DROP TO THE BACK OF THE BAD KNEE! Back in the ring, Rollins steadies himself on referee Rod Zapata but Hunter chop blocks him and follows it up with elbow drops to the knee and a kneeling toehold, wrenching it back!

Seth desperate to escape, punching Triple in the jaw and pawing at his face, and eventually Hunter backs off. Rollins pulling himself up with the ropes, HHH cuts him off and throws chops in the corner before hanging his leg over the middle rope and stomping the knee. Seth throws rights in return, staggering Triple enough to hit the reverse STO into the turnbuckles and get himself some breathing room.

Rollins climbing up top, Hunter cuts him off with punches and hooks him for a superplex but Seth throws punches and headbutts to block, he goes for a sunset flip and his knee gives out! HHH is chuckling with gleed and he drags Seth back in for mounted punches but the Architect hooks him for a powerbomb, a few steps out... his knee gives out again!

Pedigree blocked, Seth with a kick, underhooks of his own, blocked, he shifts... BUCKLE BOMB! Rollins firing up, charging forearm, he whips Hunter right over the ropes and clear outside! Steph shouts encouragement as Seth climbs, willing his knee to hold together... DIVING CROSSBODY TO THE OUTSIDE BUT AT WHAT COST?! He gets it together first, however, and puts HHH into two ringposts in succession.

Rollins looking for plunder, he comes out with a chair and tosses it in the ring before getting another. That one goes in the ring as well as Steph tries to get her husband back into it. A table is next and the Architect begins building. SHADOWS OVER HELL STYLE FROG SPLASH! NOT ENOUGH! He gets one of the chairs, Hunter begs off but clips his leg and follows it with a spinning spinebuster for a nearfall.

PILLMANIZER! AND ELBOW DROP TO THE CHAIR! STEPH DEMANDS MORE! Hunter adjusts the chair and climbs up top but Seth gets up and throws the chair in his face! Clutching the knee, willing it to work, he climbs up after Triple and hooks him... SUPERPLEX! ROLL THROUGH TO THE FALCON ARROW! TRIPLE H KICKS OUT! Rollins draws himself up the ropes again, to the top turnbuckle, but Steph crotches him!

HHH hooks the inverted figure four leglock on in the middle of the ring, Seth is in pure agony! Rollins fights out with fists and locks a Border City Stretch in! It's Nagata Lock City over here! Triple hammers the knee to escape and Seth heads outside. Hunter follows, clubbing the knee with a chair and putting the inverted figure four back on outside, but Seth throws the chair at him, yanking whatever plunder he can from under the ring.

A sledgehammer comes out with it and HHH breaks, picking it up. Rollins heads back in the ring and Hunter follows. The Architect throws punches until the sledgehammer falls out of his hand and they slug it out, punch for punch, forearm for forearm. HHH gets the single knee facebreaker but Rollins comes back with a pair of superkicks. Hunter turns him inside out with a lariat!

Triple with the sledgehammer again, ready to strike, but Seth hits an enzuigiri to stop him. Picking up the sledgehammer, a blueprint forms in the Architect's mind... but Steph takes it before he can strike! Hunter has the underhooks, Pedigree... ROLLINS KICKS OUT! Hunter goes to the corner and drags Seth with him, he's thinking Pepsi Plunge but Rollins counters with a back body drop.

PHOENIX SPLASH! NOT ENOUGH! Seth drags him up, underhooks, Hunter fights out, underhooks of his own, Rollins slips out, back it, back drop, on the bad knee, underhooks, nope, float out of a powerbomb, underhooks, HHH clips the bad knee! Steph behind Rollins again, holding him up this time but Seth slips away and Hunter stops short. Superkick... HHH knocks his wife through the table!

He's apoplectic, but Rollins has him when he turns around...

Seth Rollins wins by pinfall with the Pedigree.


And now our previously scheduled musical performance.

Bray Wyatt (c) vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship)

Circling, Orton explodes with a Lou Thesz press into mounted punches! Snap scoop powerslam connects, going for the RKO early but Wyatt blocks and bails outside! Randy follows, throwing rights and slamming Bray's face into one of the announce desks. Back in the ring, the Eater of Worlds connects with a slicing right and comes off the ropes with a turning shoulder block.

Getting weird in the corner, hanging upside down, beckoning Orton get up and the ring is full of maggots! The viper bails and they disappear! Back in, Wyatt clutches him for Sister Abigail, Orton slips out, RKO blocked, and Bray catches him with the big turning tackle off the ropes. He dumps Randy to the apron and follows, hooking him... APRON DDT!

In the ring, again, Wyatt beckons Orton get up, this time crushing him with a body avalanche and again getting weird, he hangs upside down and now it's earthworms! Bray's on top of him with crushing forearms, declaring that he's a god! Drawing the Viper up, RKO blocked, the big Rock Bottom connects, senton followup, only good for two. Orton hooked for Sister Abigail but he blocks it, schoolboy pin gets two and Bray clobbers him with a lariat.

To the apron, Wyatt dives but Randy catches him with a dropkick! On the recovery, Bray slams his back into the apron... SISTER ABIGAIL INTO THE BARRICADE! He rolls the Viper into the ring but Orton rolls right back out the other side. Eater of Worlds jogs around, Orton ducks him... RKO ON THE OUTSIDE! Bray's eyes are glassed over! Randy drags the champion up and tosses him back in... WYATT LIVES!

The Viper considering what he might have to do to put Bray away and he backs up, he's thinking about punting him! Bray dodges the kick, hooks him but Randy blocks and hits the back-to-back backbreaker! in the ropes, the DDT connects! Orton going to that place but Bray is a step ahead and hits Sister Abigail! Orton kicks out! Wyatt stalking, posing, he falls back and bridges up for the crab walk and the ring is full of crickets!

Right hands, the Viper is ready...

Randy Orton wins by pinfall with the RKO, winning the WWE Championship.


We get to see the pilots who did the flyover at the beginning of the show, and onto the next one.

Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg (c) (WWE Universal Championship)

Circling, Goldberg charges in but Brock gets behind him and throws a German suplex! Another! A third! Goldberg with a spear! A second spear! Lesnar bails and Bill follows... SPEAR THROUGH THE TIMEKEEPER'S BARRICADE! Champion dragging his challenger up, he throws a knee and chucks him back in the ring. Hooked, calling for the Jackhammer but Brock counters, fireman's carry, Goldberg slips out, another spear!

Lesnar is gasping as Goldberg prowls, hooks him, Jackhammer connects... BROCK KICKS OUT! Bill looks on, trying to figure his next step, he lies in wait, snorting. He charges in, Lesnar leapfrogs him and he takes the turnbuckles full force! German suplex! Another! A third! Number four! FIVE! Goldberg's still fighting, but number six connects, nine in total!

Another one hits! The Beast is loose! Fireman's carry...

Brock Lesnar wins by pinfall with an F-5, winning the WWE Universal Championship.


Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Becky Lynch vs. Carmella vs. Mickie James vs. Naomi vs. Natalya (WWE SmackDown Women's Championship)

Chaos early as they pair off and fight to the corners. Naomi snaps a headscissors takeover off on Natalya, Mickie has a neckbreaker for Alexa, Lynch with an exploder suplex for Carmella! Bliss and Neidhart suplex Naomi on the outside as Becky nails James with a kick and gets strikes in return. Looking for the corner headscissors, Lynch passes her outside and hits Carmella with the springboard kick.

James Ellsworth gets involved and lets Carmella throw Becky off the top with a headscissors and she and Alexa get into a shoving match. Bliss goozles her, Nodowa Otoshi! Float-over DDT on Nattie but Mickie breaks the pin up. Carmella in on Mickie, throwing her out. Becky running wild, getting fired up, Straight Fire forearm on Neidhart, throws her with an exploder suplex, and one for Carmella.

Ellsworth in, tuning up the band but Lynch catches him and hits an exploder suplex on him, too! Mickie with a diving senton, Bliss breaks it up and throws her out before NOPE-ing outta there when Nattie comes in. Naomi back, sunset flip on Nattie which German suplexes Becky as well! Looking for the Sharpshooter, Carmella pulls her off for a pin, Natalya hooks both her and Naomi with the Sharpshooter at the same time!

Mickie James breaks it up with a Mick Kick... Lynch breaks it up with a leg drop! Mickie-DT... Carmella breaks it up! Superkick to James! Alexa breaks it up with a knee drop! Naomi in, Rear View connects! Slingshot plancha on the crowd outside! She passes Bliss back in but dives into a huge right hand! Counters a pin...

Naomi wins by submission with a Spider Twist on Alexa Bliss, winning the SmackDown Women's Championship!

Naomi celebrates in front of her home town crowd with the title in black light.


New Day come out one more time, in suits now. They say we know what time it is, and that's to announce the attendance. It's an official record, 75,245 people in the building!

Jim Ross comes down to commentate on our main event.

Roman Reigns vs. the Undertaker (No Holds Barred Match)

Roman right in with a punch but Taker blocks and takes him in the corner and pummels him before throwing him outside and declaring this to be his yard. More rights when Reigns comes back in and again he throws him out, and again this is still his yard. Roman takes his time this time, going around to the far side and snapping Taker's neck over the top rope, but he runs into a right!

Big Dog finally lands one, two, and he clotheslines the Undertaker out of the ring! Picks the leg and pulls him out, headbutt connects, he whips Roman into the steps! Back in the ring, another right, Roman staggered but he reverses a whip and lands a Samoan drop on the Deadman! A boot follows, a headbutt of his own wipes Taker out into the ropes and he heads outside again.

A Tenryu jab catches Reigns flush and he follows with a "vile headbutt", to quote JR. He gets Roman on his shoulders but the Big Dog slips out and sends him into the ringpost. Drive-By connects, he sends Undertaker back in the ring and climbs in after him. The Deadman dazed and backing off, Reigns hammers him with punches and the big slicing right but Taker gets back into it and gives as good as he gets, punch for punch.

Whip, Roman sees the back body drop coming and kicks him one but it just wakes Undertaker up and he forces the Big Dog in the corner for more punches and headbutts. Across the ring, charging lariat, Snake Eyes and a big boot! He drops the leg for two and calls for the chokeslam but Reigns rolls outside. Trying for another Drive-By but Taker swats him out of mid-air with a punch and dismantles the announce table.

He drags the Big Dog to the German table and slams his face into it before throwing another headbutt but Roman connects with a Drive-By using the table! Going for a Superman Punch but Taker has the goozle, chokeslam into the German table but it doesn't break! The Deadman disassembles another table and climbs up on it, meeting Roman on the English desk... SPEAR THROUGH THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE!

Both men out, Reigns recovers first and heads back to the ring for a breather. THE UNDERTAKER SITS UP! He gets back in the ring and Roman is on him with knee drops and stomps in the corner. The Deadman climbs to his feet and the Big Dog lays the corner lariats in on him before climbing up for mounted punches, Taker lifts him up... LAST RIDE! NOT ENOUGH!

Undertaker gets a chair and heads back to the ring. Roman takes it from him but gets leveled with a boot and the Deadman reclaims it. Punishing shot to the kidneys with the point of the chair, followed by waffling him across the back, beckoning him up and clobbering him again, bending the chair around his back. Reigns heads outside again but goes right back in, forcing Taker to waste movement and catching him with a Superman Punch!

Taker staggered, a second Superman Punch, but the the third is met with a goozle... CHOKESLAM ON THE CHAIR! REIGNS KICKS OUT! Drawing the Big Dog up, he scoops him over... TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! THE HANDS ARE FOLDED! ROMAN KICKS OUT! Taker draws his pants up and goes back to work, picking Reigns up by the vest and scooping him again, but the Big Dog reverses, trying to get him up for one of his own.

A few tries, but the Deadman is blocking him and so he changes strategies, hitting the Superman Punch again! Lying in wait, calling for the spear... IT CONNECTS! BUT WHEN HE GOES FOR THE COVER, TAKER CATCHES HIM IN HELL'S GATE! ROMAN GETS THE ROPES! Both men out on the mat, struggling, Undertaker crawling for the chair to act as equalizer but Reigns steps on it, keeping it from him!

He picks it up and waffles Taker across the back! The point into his gut! Another across his back! Again and again! The Deadman drawing himself up as the crowd chants for him, Roman staring on, lying in wait, another spear... NOT ENOUGH! Taker dragging himself up again, Roman calls for the spear... AGAIN THE DEADMAN KICKS OUT! Undertaker trying to get back up as Reigns wonders what it'll take, he calls for and connects with the Superman Punch!

Undertaker sits up but he can't get straight! Reigns' expression changes, he stands straight and considers the man before him. Taker crawling towards the ropes, straightening himself up, climbing up Roman but the Big Dog shoves him away. Taker looks up at him and says he has to end this, Roman comes off the ropes with a big slicing right hand, another, criss cross for momentum...

Roman Reigns wins by pinfall with a spear.

Roman heads up the ramp, leaving the Deadman lying in the center of the ring. Fireworks fill the skies above the arena.

The camera focuses on the Undertaker again, still lying in the center of the ring as the crowd chants a "Thank you" for him. He sputters but manages to sit up.

After a recap of the match, we cut back to the ring, where Taker has put his entrance gear back on. He takes the crowd in for a moment as his music plays and the arena is bathed in blue light. He takes a breath and heads to the ropes before turning around again and moving to step out on the far side, but he reconsiders.

He takes his gloves off and drops them in the center of the ring, and then the coat follows, folding it up carefully to lay it to rest atop the gloves. And finally, his hat, placing it respectfully atop the pile. Now, he leaves the ring, possibly for the last time, and heads around to the crowd to see his wife before heading back up the ramp, pausing about halfway to take it all in one more time and raise his fist to call the lightning before descending into the mist.

That's the show, folks.

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