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Watch Tye Dillinger express his love for NXT

Before I leave here tonight it’s very important that I say one very, very, very important thing to you... you said it - I love you, guys.

As most of you know, this round wasn’t my first time in WWE. I had an opportunity, I didn’t hit my mark, I came back for a second chance and, truth be told, I almost lost that, too. Until I showed you guys something, and you took it to heights and to places I know I didn’t think possible and I know they [gestures backstage] didn’t think possible. And because of you, because of the NXT faithful that come here week-in, week-out, month-in, month-out, I am now officially a member of the SmackDown Live roster.

The future starts here, and there are some extremely talented men and women in the back that you are gonna see on Monday Night Raw, on SmackDown Live, headlining WrestleMania - so please, show them the same love, the same support that you have carried me with for the past two years.

I love you. Thank you.


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