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Starbucks missed out by not having New Day endorse their new Unicorn Frappuccino

Coffee shop chain Starbucks unleashed a new flavor of their shake/smoothie product on the world today, and it’s created a buzz online. Of course, calling it a Unicorn Frappuccino, making it available for only a few days (April 19 - 23) and advertising that it changes colors and flavors while you drink it - it was basically designed to get folks Snapchatting, Tweeting and Instagramming about it.

Sure enough, #unicornfrappucino is trending on Twitter, and WWE’s social media team got in on the obvious connection to their own unicorn-loving Superstars:

Unfortunately, nobody told Big E, Kofi Kingston or Xavier Woods about it.

And a savvy internet personality like Woods knows a missed opportunity when he sees one:

Having tasted one (in the name of journalism), I can tell X that New Day may have been okay letting this one pass them by.

But if you love glitter so much having it on top of something makes up for that thing tasting like cold sweet & sour sauce after a while, this may be more your speed.

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