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Becky Lynch is out here lobbying for intergender wrestling in WWE

She may have had the night off, but Becky Lynch was still working during SmackDown Live on April 18.

The Lasskicker’s two principal rivals, Alexa Bliss and Mickie James, are now Raw Superstars, and with Charlotte Flair winning a title shot, Bex doesn’t have an immediate place in the Women’s championship picture, either. She has had several run-ins with Carmellsworth, however - including hitting a few moves on Carmella’s lackey, James Ellsworth.

So when a follower suggested something WWE hasn’t done in a long time, an intergender match, Lynch not only was on-board, but tagged the blue brand’s commissioner and General Manager in her reply:

An official match probably isn’t going to happen, but WWE’s shown a little more willingness to let physical interactions between male and female performers happen during the course of intregender bouts or other segments, so I think we might see The Big Hog locked in a Dis-Arm-Her at some point.


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