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Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer are out here trying to get Shane McMahon killed

TMZ Sports recently caught up with Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer. For whatever reason (probably to get quotes like these), the interviewer asked the former ECW & WWE stars and current independent wrestlers/promoters/trainers about Shane McMahon’s wrestling ability.

Dreamer & Ray put over Vince’s son as a sound technical wrestler and a “crazy” daredevil. Then Tommy made a claim which is a bit more outrageous, and Bully backed him up...

Dreamer: I also think the world should have Shane McMahon enter UFC because he is a real badass...

Ray: Yeah

Dreamer: ...and he would fare well in the UFC. There’s a lot of guys who like to talk smack, like a Conor McGregor - I would love to see Shane McMahon go to UFC, because I think he would choke some dudes out, or knock them out.

Ray: There’s no doubt that Shane could... Shane is like that rabid pitbull that will fight until the death. Even if we’re like backstage and kidding around and horseplaying and wrestling in the back? He has to win every single contest. You are not gonna keep him down. You’re gonna have to kill him to beat him.

Look, joke-y headline aside, I’m not a mixed martial arts expert. Maybe Shane O’Mac could handle himself just fine in the Octagon. We’ve seen him train Muy Thai and other MMA disciplines. Maybe those horrible worked punches are no barometer of how he’d look in a real fight.

But the thing about the “rabid pitbull” you have to “kill” to defeat? He might win, but he still ends up dead.

Stay out of the Octagon, Shane.

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