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‘Strange straggling strummer’ Elias Samson was still drifting around Raw last night

For the second straight week, Elias Samson was seen multiple times during WWE Raw on April 17. There’s still no word on if the former NXT Superstar (he was forced out after coming up short in a “Loser leaves NXT” match against Kassius Ohno) has been signed by General Manager Kurt Angle, but if he doesn’t have a contract, he’s definitely pretty good at evading security.

Maybe that’s because he seems to know former tag champ Karl Anderson?

No matter his relationship to the Good Brothers, the gig might be up for Samson. Not only has his long-time nemesis Corey Graves noticed his wandering ways on the flagship show, but he also ran afoul of Chris Jericho in Columbus, Ohio last night...

Where is this leading? Probably to Y2J putting him over, Fandango-style, on his way out of town. But there are worse ways to start a main roster career, and that’s only one a**hole on the internet’s guess.

Until we find out, enjoy the “daffy drifter dandy”!

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