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Referee gets the worst of it when Braun Strowman and Big Show superplex collapses the ring on Raw

If the two Raw main events between Braun Strowman and Big Show have taught us anything, it’s that wrestling fans are THIRSTY AF for a collapsed ring spot.

They finally got their wish tonight (April 17) in Columbus when, after several teases, Braun got Show up for a Superplex to close the night.

One person who probably wasn’t as excited was referee John Cone - who gets straight-up catapulted to the floor when the mat hits the ground and the ropes he was leaning are suddenly gone.

Here’s a video and a couple GIFs of the moment:

Strowman got up and walked away, pulling the straps down and RAWR-ing some stuff.

Now, somebody check on poor John Cone - and all those fans in the arena and watching at home marking out over finally getting their favorite spot.

UPDATE! They found him, but he’s banged up - and not too sure what happened...

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