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Finn Bálor returned to action on WWE Raw

WWE on Twitter

Those ImPACT tests must have gone well.

A week after a stiff forearm/elbow strike from Jinder Mahal resulted in Finn Bálor hitting the mat face-first, and prompted a week of concern about his suffering a concussion and possibly picking up a reputation as an injury-prone worker WWE would be hesitant to push, the Irishman returned to action on Raw tonight (April 17).

The newly acquired Curt Hawkins came to the ring in Columbus, Ohio with an open challenge, which was the perfect set-up for Bálor’s crowd-pleasing entrance.

And just as quickly as he made it to the ring, he finished the match. While there wasn’t much to go on, and every reason to believe they were protecting him - after dodging an attack from Hawkins, Finn hit all his signature moves and finished things in under a minute with a Coup de Grâce - he wouldn’t have been working at all if he hadn’t been cleared so...

What do you hope is next for the Demon?

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