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Braun Strowman will kick off tonight’s episode of Raw

As per this announcement:

"Last week on Raw we saw The Big Dog, Roman Reigns, sit down with Michael Cole or a one-on-one interview. During that interview, he was blindsided by the Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman. That attack went throughout the entire backstage area leading to Roman being loaded in an ambulance. That ambulance was then pushed over in an amazing feat of strength by Braun Strowman. Roman was then loaded into a second ambulance and rushed off to the hospital. I have breaking news tonight: I can confirm that a very focused, a very determined, and a very in charge Braun Strowman will be kicking off Monday Night Raw tonight."

Although the beatdown he put on Reigns last week was extensive, Roman didn’t miss any time, as he was spearing Strowman through tables at house shows this past weekend. Expect THE BIG DOG to show up for this as well.

Follow along with it all right here.

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