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Jeff Hardy ate it at a house show, and Matt found it DELIGHTFUL

As you can tell by the ‘z’ they insist on putting at the end of their team name, WWE is trying to (at least initially) roll-out the Hardy Boyz like it’s 1999.

Unfortunately, time marches on, and Jeff ain’t 22 any more. Which might explain this little slip-up during the iconic Team XTreme celebration at the Raw house show in Cincinatti last night (April 16):

Like any good big brother, Matt didn’t miss an opportunity to tease Jeff about it (and poke some fun at Shawn Michaels’ penchant for overselling). Of course, being Matt Hardy in 2017, he also used it as a way to tease the return of BROTHER NERO:

DELIGHTFUL (both because who doesn’t love a face plant, and for Matt’s continued teasing).

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