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Even the Hardyz new WWE merchandise is having an identity crisis

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Since leaving Impact Wrestling, and being hit with a cease & desist by that promotion’s owners over the use of their “Broken” gimmick, Matt & Jeff Hardy have been experiencing a bit of an identity crisis.

On-screen, they’ve largely been playing the Attitude Era “Boyz” of Team X-Treme. That’s mostly without saying anything, though. In the weeks after re-joining WWE at WrestleMania 33, their promos have been limited to the web and WWE Network’s Raw Talk.

In the wilder world of social media, we’ve been following along as Matt’s been incorporating elements of various character tweaks he’s executed throughout his career - including the one which DELIGHT-ed fans in 2016 and returned the brothers to the top of the wrestling world - into his online persona.

While we wait to see if the Boyz first Raw-promo contains any Broken Brilliance, their first new merchandise from WWE Shop is showing some signs of CONFLICT in its VESSEL:


Sure, it’s the familiar Boyz logo, and a reference to Matt’s Twist of Fate finisher. But what do they mean “Reborn”? As in their WWE contracts rebirthed them as unbroken? A reference to the Lake of Reincarnation on Matt’s property?

What a DELIGHTFUL mystery!

Also, how do you like the shirt?