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Mauro Ranallo is excited to be able to say ‘pro wrestling’ again, plans to call more of it soon

His absence/exit from WWE remains a source of controversy, but as we reported this past weekend, Mauro Ranallo is moving on with his announcing career.

His return to an announce desk came on April 16 as Ranallo called the action for RIZIN Fighting Federation 5 - Sakura. While RIZIN is a mixed martial arts promotion, Mauro found an excuse to mention pro graps... and even take a subtle swipe at the company he’s still under contract with until August... when a former TNA performer made her way to the ring:

(content removed)

Professional wrestler - and boy, does it feel good to be able to use that term again - turned mixed martial artist, the Alpha Female, Jazzy Gabert!

Ranallo doubled down on language he allegedly wasn’t supposed to use while working for Vince McMahon in a later Tweet, where he teased his return to calling the scripted-version of combat sport soon, too:

While we’ll likely never get confirmation on what exactly precipitated his exit, and the debate about what, if anything, WWE will do to prevent a situation similar to the one which reportedly befell him from happening again, it’s good to see Mauro Ranallo getting back in the proverbial saddle.

Where do you want to next hear him call PRO WRESTLING?

H/T: With Spandex

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