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Finn Bálor reportedly in Columbus with Raw for concussion testing

As mentioned in the latest edition of our Rumor Round-up, Finn Bálor’s status following last Monday’s Raw has remained a mystery. Word was he suffered a concussion after taking a stiff shot from Jinder Mahal during their match on April 10. He did not work this weekend’s house shows.

The good news, according to PWInsider, is the first ever Universal champion is with the Raw crew in Columbus, Ohio today (April 17). The less-good news is he’s reportedly there for medical testing.

If the concussion reports are correct, and looking at images from last Monday - there’s no reason to think they’re not, Bálor will need to pass the computerized ImPACT test before he’s given the go ahead to rejoin the active roster.

Whether or not he’s cleared, WWE could opt to use Finn in a talking segment on this week’s episode. Perhaps fortunately for the Irishman, he wasn’t involved in an ongoing program. Since his return on the April 3 Raw after WrestleMania, he’s primarily worked with Kevin Owens and Mahal, both of whom are now on SmackDown following last week’s “Superstar Shake-Up”, and Samoa Joe, who is resuming his feud with Seth Rollins. Seeds were planted for a rivalry with Bray Wyatt, but the Eater of Worlds has to have his rematch with World champion Randy Orton at April 30’s Payback before that could start in earnest.

Storyline-wise, this isn’t a bad time to be out. In terms of concerns he could be labeled “injury-prone” by backstage decision-makers? And his overall well-being, in and out of the ring?

Let’s just hope he’s deemed healthy by WWE medical as soon as possible.

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