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The Revival delivered about the best farewell speech you’re gonna see from a pair of heels

The farewell tour for the NXT foursome who made their way to Raw and SmackDown after WrestleMania 33 continued last night in Concord, North Carolina. And when they were done hitting Steve Austin’s finisher on Bobby Roode while performing a cappella versions of Garth Brooks’ anthem for the working man, “Friends in Low Places”, Tye Dillinger, Shinsuke Nakamura and the Carolinas’ own Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson took the mic.

Dillinger delivered his heartfelt thanks to the fans for saving his career by chanting “TEN” at shows around the globe, Nakamura (as usual) said more with gestures than words, and Dash shouted out the boys and girls on the stage, and behind the curtain, for their hard work.

But as much as Wilder’s improved on the stick, he knows which member of the Orlando Wrecking Crew has the gift of gab. So he passed the mic to his partner, and Dawson delivered a master class in how to say thanks, so long, and screw you all in one speech:

So after tonight, we [gestures to audience and himself] go back to hating each other, okay? Just remember that, alright?

So a couple of years ago, two 5’ 10” Carolina boys came together... no red carpet roll-out, no big video package, no grandiose plan - but you know what? Damnit, we made it. We made it on our own. Nobody had to give us anything. We demanded it. Everybody in this ring demanded it, and everybody on that stage demanded it.

We all want to be the best. And to be the best... this is not where it’s going... to be the best, you’ve got to have somebody manning the ship. You’ve got to have a man at the front of the helm. You’ve got to have a man who’s the definition of a leader. And Matt Bloom is the best leader that I have had the privilege to work for.

So please, be happy for all of us because we’re on national TV, be happy for all of us because we made our dreams come true - be happy for all four of us because we’re rich as hell right now!

While certain “purists” who don’t even think rudos should have social media accounts will no doubt clutch their pearls, Dawson didn’t completely dismiss kayfabe here. His nod to “going back to hating each other” is a nice touch, but it’s not terribly necessary. Mostly, this is a guy with a chip on his shoulder who’s made it - in other words, The Revival’s whole gimmick. They’ve never really been anti-authority heels either, so even shouting out the Performance Center’s head coach isn’t much of breach.

No, the big break is palling around with their old rivals Shinsuke & Tye. But they’re headed to different shows, so whatevs. Especially when one of their closing bits was refusing the Code of Honor before paying their respects to each other while also paying homage to one of the biggest stars in NXT history... with a hug.

Looking forward to booing you boys tomorrow night.

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