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Even Daniel Bryan’s reflections on his last match don’t make it sound like he’s committed to retirement

Yesterday (April 14), Daniel Bryan responded to a Tweet about it being the two year anniversary of a match he had at a SmackDown taping, where he teamed with John Cena to take on Cesaro & Tyson Kidd. That 2015 bout turned out to be the last time we’d see him wrestle... at least for now.

Once you get over the sadness these Tweets represent (they’re also a reminder Kidd is gone from performing on our screens... although, on the flip side, this may represent the moment Cena consumed the wrestling essences of DB & TK to become the internet darling we all know him as today), Bryan’s includes a carefully worded qualifier:

His subtly correcting the original Tweeter to specify it wasn’t his “last professional wrestling match”, but his “last WWE match” might not seem like much in a vacuum. But combine it with last month’s Talking Smack quotes about seeing “what happens... in a year and a half” (presumably when his WWE contract expires) and numerous other “never say never” answers in past interviews, and, well....

We’ll see what happens in a year and a half, I guess.

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