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Bayley and AJ Lee’s friendship is the best thing

Awesome reaction to Jerry Lawler aside, AJ Lee’s 2014 Slammy’s speech (embedded above) was noteworthy for shouting out several of the wrestlers who would eventually spearhead the “Women’s Evolution” in WWE - starting with current Raw champ Bayley.

Lee, who you can and probably should now refer to as New York Times bestselling author April Mendez Brooks, began her on-screen relationship with the Hugster the Summer before in a quick NXT angle where the then-Divas champ accepted an awkward embrace and a match against the recently debuted fangirl.

It’s also a real-life friendship which continues to this day, two years after AJ’s retirement from WWE.

Supporting her friend’s book, Bayley’s excitement about reading Crazy Is My Superpower started a Twitter trend of people posting pictures of their dogs next to Mendez Brooks’ memoir (or in some cases cats):

And AJ’s been open about her appreciation for Bayles’ while doing Q & A’s for Crazy:

I love Bayley... so much. I call her my little unicorn, she’s so special. She feels like, in a way, she feels like my little sister and I just want her to kind of... I feel like she’s continuing my legacy in a weird way.

So it’s awesome their busy schedules allowed them to meet up and have a sisterly moment yesterday... and possibly set-up a future match based on a rivalry over one of their four-legged friends:

Friendship rocks. And to think, this one could started from here...

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