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Watch Shinsuke Nakamura say goodbye to NXT

One year ago, I came to NXT. I already had experience. I was already champion in Japan. But I came to change myself, to compete the best in the world. One year later, I call NXT my home. I learned a lot of things from the NXT Superstars, the NXT coaches, and from you [points around Full Sail Live].

So, NXT is its own brand. It’s own energy. It’s own life. NXT creates something new. Something different. One thing I found very quickly... (while pointing to different people in the audience] You. You. You. You. You. You. You. The NXT Universe is CRAZY. You create the chants, the singing - this is the innovation, the passion - it’s different than the others. NXT is your style. I will always be NXT. Cause WE. ARE. N-X-T.


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