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No petition is going to stop Braun Strowman

In case you missed it, a... misinformed... member of the WWE Universe started an online petition after the segment on Raw this past Monday where Braun Strowman assaulted Roman Reigns backstage. A Cagesider wrote a FanPost about it, and you can get caught up by reading that here.

I’m hesitant to make fun of the person who started the petition (although I’m not really judging you if you do - it is funny), because they’ve updated the page on to indicate they talked to someone at WWE and are trying to get it taken down. So, if the whole thing isn’t a brilliant gag, it’s still real to them, and... yeah.

Fortunately, the story has taken a turn we can all celebrate, as the Monster Among Men responded to the petition on Twitter, and it is BRAUN-TASTIC!

“Your tears hydrate me” might be the best catchphrase I’ve ever heard. Get that on some merch (preferable a nice travel mug) ASAP, WWE.


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