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Randy Orton hated his WrestleMania entrance because of the ‘giant sperm’

Here’s a thing.

Randy Orton was a guest at his home town of St. Louis’ recent Wizard World convention, held last weekend, April 7 - 9. During his Q & A, the WWE World champ was brutally honest about his entrance at WrestleMania 33, which saw him walk down the 80 yard ramp while a “Viper” was projected beneath his feet:

As Orton told the crowd, including one pre-teen boy who asked him about it, he’s often “screwed out of entrances” like the ones Triple H gets. He particularly disliked this year’s because “The snake looked like giant sperm”.

He reiterated his thoughts on the ‘Mania 33 entrance when he told the crowd he loved “Big 4” pay-per-view (PPV) events, but WrestleMania can have downsides like having to “ride a giant sperm” to the ring.

So, now you know that. You’re welcome.

Thanks to for Wizard World coverage and Q & A transcription.

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