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Superstar Shake-Up: Sami Zayn, Charlotte Flair, New Day and other new SmackDown talent react to moving to Tuesdays

The Shake-Up is behind us, and we now know who works for Raw General Manager Kurt Angle (and presumably commissioner Stephanie McMahon, whenever she heals from her WrestleMania 33 table bump injuries) and who reports to the Shane McMahon/Daniel Bryan team on SmackDown.

After round 1, where Superstars joining team red showed up on Monday night, April 10, we shared their social media reactions to the news. So, we’re doing the same thing now that the blue team’s new talent has a few hours to let the change register!

Up first, a guy Bryan - along with many fans - has been hoping for a while would land on Tuesdays:

The biggest new female star on SmackDown, 5 time champ Charlotte Flair, responded in kayfabe...

... but also couldn’t contain her behind-the-scenes excitement about being reunited with some pre-brand split pals...

... especially her road partner, Becky Lynch, who was also glad to have her back - but still needed to remind Charlotte she’ll kick her lass if she gets between her and the Women’s title:

The newest member of the division seems similarly conflicted about whether to respond as Lana or CJ Perry:

And then there’s ya boys in THE NEW DAY!

It is a bittersweet moment for E, though...

What about Bayley? The slow burn heel turn continues...

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