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Charlotte Flair reportedly okay following a couple nasty bumps during her Raw match with Nia Jax

Finn Bálor wasn’t the only Superstar who had a rough go of it on Raw last night (April 10).

Charlotte Flair also took an unplanned head-first landing, and another face-first one, during her match with Nia Jax.

First, a shoulder breaker spot led to Nia releasing the move so Charlotte came down with all her weight on her head and neck:

Later, when the Queen went for her big moonsault from the top rope, it appears Jax wasn’t in position to catch her, so only Flair’s legs reached her opponent. Charlotte’s face, however, went straight into the floor...

Thankfully, Dave Meltzer said on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription required but recommended) that the former Women’s champion was fine after the match.

But let’s not do either of those things again, okay?

UPDATE: Here’s a video clip with a better look at both...

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