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Braun Strowman destroyed Roman Reigns, flipped an ambulance in the greatest backstage beatdown ever

UPDATE: See the whole thing above!

We’ve been accused of trafficking in hyperbole (among other things) here at cSs, but I have zero qualms with naming the segment which filled the third top-of-hour segment on the April 10 Raw THE GREATEST BACKSTAGE BEATDOWN EVER!

In a scene with Universal champion Brock Lesnar on last week’s show, Braun Strowman vowed to end things with Roman Reigns. As The Big Dog was being interviewed by Michael Cole tonight, Strowman did everything in his considerable power to do just that...

If it had ended there, it would have been fun, but not epic. The legend began when medical staff secured Roman to a stretcher, and Braun returned to do this...

Even once paramedics tended to Roman again (production cut from the dummy on the old stretcher to actual Reigns on a new one), Strowman wasn’t finished with him yet. After Romey was wheeled into an emergency vehicle, Braun ran in to throw a few more big punches, then FLIP THE FRICKING AMBULANCE!

And, this was all made more electric by how loud the Nassau Coliseum crowd was - even from hundreds of feet away. Chants of “You Deserve It” and “Thank you, Strowman” rang out through the extended beatdown.

Because of those reactions, it’ll remain a controversial segment. But, wherever they come down on the Reigns debate, you’ll be hard-pressed to find folks who didn’t think it was a great one.

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