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Roman Reigns apparently has ‘internal injuries, cracked ribs, and a possible separated shoulder’ after Braun Strowman beatdown on Raw


When Braun Strowman put a backstage beatdown for the ages on Roman Reigns during tonight’s (April 10, 2017) episode of Monday Night Raw in New York, including throwing him off a loading dock while he was tied down to a stretcher, you knew WWE would be coming up with a medical update of some sort.

Sure enough, Michael Cole told us the following later in the show:

“Luckily, they were able to get another ambulance that transported Roman Reigns to a medical facility nearby and we just received a preliminary report, this is very preliminary right now, but Roman Reigns apparently has suffered cracked ribs, internal injuries, and a possibly separated shoulder. I guess we say thank god that that’s all that Roman Reigns suffered.”

Cole also reported Strowman was taken out of the building due to the attack.

We’ll keep you updated on whatever updates WWE provides to Reigns’ condition.

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