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Z! True Comeback Story Episode 2: Zack Ryder’s goal to become WWE champion

"Every day I look at this phone, a million times a day I look at this phone, and on the background is this little collage thing and it may sound stupid but it's a bunch of my goals. I did something similar last year and I didn't get all of those things, I didn't accomplish all of those things. But some of them I did. One of those things was a house. We're filming this thing at my house, I got that. So I figure this year, let's set some new ones. Let's try to get all of them. It might not happen but let's shoot for it, right?

"My dream car. Stupid materialistic goal, yes, but it's on here. Some people's dream car is a Mercedes, or a Lamborghini, or a Ferrari, or a Delorean; actually, a DeLorean would be a good one. But for some reason mine is a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Yeah, you know what? I'm going to buy myself a Jeep Grand Cherokee this year.

"Okay, one of them is a picture of a Disney wedding. I don't want to get married at Disney World, I don't even necessarily want to get married this year. Eventually, yes. Just a loving, happy relationship. I mean, who doesn't want that?

"Another goal on here is the cover of Muscle & Fitness. Not an article, not a picture, I want to be on the cover. I'e been working my ass off for years to get in the best shape of my career and I'm 31 years old and I feel better and I feel like I look better now than I did when I was 21. I want a cover of Arnold and a cover of me on my wall. That's a goal, that's my goal.

"There's a picture of me holding the Intercontinental championship. I want to get back to that point. Like I've said a million times, my career has been a rollercoaster. Last year at WrestleMania I finally thought 'hey, we're on the right path.' Even though I lost it the next day it didn't matter -- the next couple months I just saw my career going like this, stupid things like I got a new t-shirt. But I haven't gotten a new t-shirt in years, so for me to get a new t-shirt was huge for me. A stupid t-shirt, to me, meant everything. New music. I liked the music I had, it was great, but I needed something edgier, something more, I don't know, to kind of go with where my career was going.

"I want way more than that, you know? When I was a little kid, I didn't have a toy Intercontinental title and dream of being the Intercontinental champion. No, I wanted to be the WWE champion. That's another picture on here and that's the end goal. That's something that might not happen today, or this year, or next year but it has to happen eventually. I'm sure people are laughing and pausing this and sending this link to their friends like 'this guy thinks he's going to be the WWE champion, yeah right.' Well, I mean this time last year no one thought I was going to win the Intercontinental title at WrestleMania but I did.

"I've got all the time left in the world to do bigger and better things and that's what this comeback is all about. It's not to come back to be just some guy on the roster. It's not to come back to just be some random dude, you know? It's to come back to make a statement and to have some sort of purpose. The purpose is to get here (high). I've been here (low) for too long. I've been here (even lower) a bunch but I want to be here (higher) and I know I can be here, I can be there, and it's only a matter of time. But I think with this comeback, it's my time."

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