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WWE NXT TakeOver: Orlando results - Injuries again a factor as Bobby Roode beats Shinsuke Nakamura

Just like in San Antonio, injuries again told the story of NXT TakeOver’s main event.

In Orlando tonight (April 1), it wasn’t just Shinsuke Nakamura’s knee, although a chop block from the champion Bobby Roode did hamper the King of Strong Style, and at one point led to his using a different knee strike than his Kinshasa finisher.

Roode’s arm was also banged up on a DDT he landed but didn’t put Shinsuke away with, and that led to his having trouble hitting the move at various points throughout the match. He even tried to get himself disqualified by grabbing the ring bell and bringing it into the ring, but referee Drake Wuertz took it from him before he could cheat fans out of a decisive ending.

That ending came when the champ countered a Kinshasa with a spinebuster, setting up an opening for the Glorious DDT from the middle rope.

Afterwards, the Glorious One taunted the crowd, telling them this was “my NXT”. And he may be right. We’ll certainly be watching to see if Nakamura shows up somewhere else this week...

For a complete rundown of the show with all of the match results, head over to the live blog here.

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