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Jim Ross says a WWE return has ‘a good chance of happening,’ hints at WrestleMania 33 commentary call

Jim Ross

Just yesterday, reports started making the rounds that legendary former blow-by-blow announcer Jim Ross had cut a deal with WWE to appear at WrestleMania 33 this Sun., April 2, 2017, in Orlando. The reports indicated he would be calling a match on the show.

In an interview with ESPN, Ross was asked about those talks and how it’s going to feel to return to WWE. His response:

"We'll know when it happens. I think it's got a good chance of happening. But we'll certainly know how it's going to feel. I want to believe, and I have no reason not to believe, that it's going to feel good. I've seen my friends here and they're my extended family. In 21 years in that company I'd like to think that Jan and I played a small part in helping kind of retool the new publicly traded WWE after staving off bankruptcy and some bad financial problems that we all battled through, you know? But it would be very cathartic. If I had to give you one word, I would say it would be very cathartic.

"She wanted to go shopping and wear her good threads on the red carpet and she wanted to see the crowd reaction if I got to come down and call a match. We can't do anything about the Hall of Fame and the red carpet but maybe we can do something about the other."

Earlier in the interview he mentioned that it was his late wife’s hope to see him walk down the aisle at WrestleMania to call one match. Sadly, she passed away last week after she was struck by a vehicle while riding her Vespa.

It does indeed look like Good Ol’ JR is coming home.

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