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April Fool’s is the worst, and of course pro wrestlers love it

A friendly reminder from your pals here at Cageside Seats that it’s not just TakeOver/Mercury Rising/Supercard of Honor day, aka the day before WrestleMania. It’s also the first of April, which means lots of folks will trying to prank the world.

Some of these people will be your favorite pro wrestlers and sports entertainment personalities. And it makes sense when you think about... these are men & women who make a living, to one degree or another, “working” us, and April Fool’s is a day where they can have fun with it, take it another level or just get weird.

The internet and social media’s made it much easier to get these “funny” bits of misinformation out there. So while we here at cSs promise you won’t get any gag posts from us today (as our fearless leader says, we’ll just be engaging in the usual dips***tery), here are a couple examples we’ve already seen.

Consider this a public service announcement so you don’t get taken in, as I did for a moment, by this first one from Y2J:

One of the voices of Raw also got in on the action, although the Savior of Misbehavior’s is much easier to spot:

We promise to update you throughout the day with any others that cross our radar, and please use the comments below to alert your fellow Cagesiders to ones you find.

We’ll get through this day together.

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