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Daniel Bryan hints at wrestling after his WWE contract ends during another confrontation with Miz on Talking Smack

This show does a fantastic job of blurring the line.


Talking Smack is a fantastic show and one of the reasons why is it blurs the line between work and reality so often that it’s tough to tell what is completely planned or and what’s off the cuff. Tonight was no different.

The final guest on the Renee Young and Daniel Bryan hosted show was the Miz, who is always superb on the show, and his wife Maryse. Tonight the A-Lister had plenty to say about their likely WrestleMania opponents John Cena and Nikki Bella. He spoke about how John Cena is a phony who has everyone convinced he’s some nice guy that he really isn’t. That alone would have been entertaining enough, but there was a quick tidbit about Daniel Bryan that really piqued interest.

When Bryan mocked Miz’s “straight to DVD movies” and Maryse asked how many movies Daniel has done, he said he doesn’t want to be an actor. That lead to this exchange:

Miz: “You want to be a wrestler but you can’t because of your head. That’s OK.”

Bryan: “I can’t or they won’t let me? We’ll see in a year and a half and see what happens.”

A line like that is bound to get the real hardcore fans buzzing and lead to pieces like this one analyzing the segment. There’s at least a modicum of truth to it all. It’s well known that Bryan had a tough time coming to grips with retirement. And there has been rumor that his contract is up in 2018 and he’s free to leave at that time. So of course we’re going to say “Wait, what??” when Bryan drops a line like that.

And then to make us wonder even more, as they started playing the Talking Smack closing music, Renee turns to Bryan and says “What’s the deal?” to which Bryan replies, “I wish I could say more.” Suddenly fans like myself are like “What is real??”

Listen, this could all very well be a great work and if that’s the case, that’s fantastic. This show is clearly aimed at folk who get these references and get excited for these possible “shoot” moments. We don’t know how heavily this show is scripted and that helps us wonder even more about moments like these. Either way, it gets us to buzz about the product and keep coming back for moments like these every week. And we love coming back for these moments. It’s a win/win all around.

Will Daniel Bryan leave WWE when is contract is up? We’re going to have to wait awhile to find out. However, until then, we will continue to enjoy him on Talking Smack, a show that gives us plenty to talk about.

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