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Here’s new Universal champ Goldberg’s first WWE bump in a long time - a F5 from Brock Lesnar on Raw

The build to the third one-on-one match between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar is pretty basic, even now that the 50 year old former WCW star won the Universal title.

It’s a clash of titans, with Paul Heyman providing the soundtrack. The only problem is, four weeks from WrestleMania 33, the recent build has been one-sided, with Goldberg twice getting the best of Brock.

Oh, and so far, in three official matches and a couple other segments where he got physical, Goldberg hasn’t taken a proper bump since coming back to WWE last Fall.

In Chicago tonight (March 6), Raw took care of both those things:

Does that F5 get you more excited for their Mania match? Was it at least cathartic for those of you who hated Goldberg beating Kevin Owens last night at Fastlane?

Let us know, and enjoy it. You might not get another one until Orlando on April 2.

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