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GIF: Let’s watch Neville’s Red Arrow on Jack Gallagher forever

There is so much to like about this GIF from Fastlane last night:

First, Neville hasn’t been using it as much since his turn as “King of the Cruiserweights.” It is now a devastating move in his arsenal to be used only when absolutely necessary. After absorbing two too many headbutts from Jack Gallagher, it was necessary.

Gallagher deserves credit here too. He gets himself into position while Neville is mid-air, then doesn’t even brace for impact. He just takes the hit and deals with it. Neville puts the cherry on top of the sequence when he lifts himself up and over just after hitting. This serves no purpose other than making it look that much more impressive.

Bonus GIF, from this same match (which was the best of the night):

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