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WWE Fastlane 2017 results: Goldberg celebrated his Universal title win with Make A Wish kid

It’s easy to get cyncial about pro wrestling, and everyone but the biggest Goldberg fans and WWE stockholders who think his winning the Universal title at Fastlane tonight (Mar. 5) was the right call probably at least experienced a flash of it when the 50 year defeated Kevin Owens in under a minute to claim the belt.

After posing in the ring, Goldberg headed to the ringside seats with his new title. And following a moment with his son and wife, the new champ moved over a bit and hugged another young man, then showed him his new prize. Turns out that was a Make A Wish kid he’d also spent some time with earlier in the day...

I can be pretty cynical myself, both about WrestleMania season booking for part-timers, and even WWE’s marketing of their philanthropy. But for AbdurRahman, that’s a once-in-a-life experience that hopefully helps him get through whatever life-threatening ailment with which he’s been diagnosed.

And that’s worth chanting “This is awesome” about.