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WWE Fastlane 2017 results, live streaming match coverage: Goldberg vs. Kevin Owens

WWE Fastlane is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., Mar. 5, 2017) from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at 8:00 p.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Fastlane below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.


Goldberg def. Kevin Owens
Bayley def. Charlotte
Roman Reigns def. Braun Strowman
Neville def. Jack Gallagher
Big Show def. Rusev
Cesaro def. Jinder Mahal
Sasha Banks def. Nia Jax
Anderson & Gallows def. Enzo & Cass
Samoa Joe def. Sami Zayn
Swann & Tozawa def. Kendrick & Dar


Down the street half a block away, in a familiar place, regular people agree with each other in smoke signals. Each in turn interprets the law as aging with its eyesight failing, but me, I'm just here to liveblog a pro wrestling show, folks.

Pre-show begins with Renee Young welcoming us to the show and introducing her panel, consisting of Booker T and Peter Rosenberg right now. She tosses to Charly Caruso in the social media lounge and Booker wonders where his "dirty bird" Tom Phillips is. He has, apparently, graciously passed the social media lounge seat to Charly. Samoa Joe will be joining her later for a Q&A.

Back to the main panel, they shill for the Network a bit, and then on to video for and discussion of Reigns/Strowman to kick things off. We cut backstage with Noam Dar and Alicia Fox when Brian Kendrick rolls up. He says this is a golden opportunity and he hopes Dar won't make the same mistake Tozawa did.

Noam promises that they'll be a quality team and he'll do anything to win for Fox. Kendrick hopes no one melts down and Alicia objects. Noam says tonight's gonna be great because they're gonna win and celebrate together, but Kendrick "doesn't do crazy" and leaves.

Panel discussion then shifts to the Raw Tag Team Championship and Cesaro and Sheamus join the panel, fired up and upset about not being in the match. Cesaro goes off, saying people would rather see him wrestle than talk, and the people oblige him by making a lot of noise.

Mick Foley is backstage on the phone with Stephanie McMahon and she berates him about making sure the show goes smoothly. Jinder Mahal interrupts to inform them that he and Rusev are no longer a tag team because of Rusev's attitude. Rusev rolls up and Jinder says he wants a chance to prove himself. Mick offers a Best of Seven series and they turn it down, so Mick says he'll make sure he finds suitable competition for them both tonight.

Mick wanders off and Steph is still on the phone. Uh-oh...


The panel moves on to Zayn/Joe next, and soon enough we're in the lounge for Joe's Q&A. He's asked why he sided with HHH and he says it's simple. HHH gave him an on opportunity to make an impact and he took it, just like anybody else in the world would have. He's asked how he's going to destroy Sami Zayn and he says he's done it once and he'll do it again, punishing Sami over and over until he's broken.

Joe will slap a man in front of his family and make his children watch. Last question is what his plan for WrestleMania is, and that's real simple. Whatever he does, he will make his presence known full-force and without reproach. But he leaves us in suspense as to what might constitute that and we go back to the panel.

We get a recap of Seth's segment from Raw and are then promised an exclusive look at his rehab tomorrow night before moving onto the Women's Championship. Another Austin Aries comeback vignette plays and we have our first match!

Akira Tozawa & Rich Swann vs. Brian Kendrick & Noam Dar

Tozawa and Kendrick to start, but Brian tags Dar right in. Circling, collar and elbow, Akira gets Noam in the ropes and breaks with a shout. Dar runs into a forearm, Tozawa gives him a bunch more, whip, blind tag but Akira doesn't notice and Brian blindsides him. Double suplex but Swann comes in for the save and they fend them off with dropkicks.

Going for stereo dives but Fox puts herself in front of her man to block them and we take a little break.

Back from our break and Kendrick goes for a cover on Tozawa to no avail. Stomps to the midsection and a clubbing blow to the back, straight suplex and a cover can't do it so he grabs a reverse chinlock. Akira off the ropes, he runs into a big boot but recovers and snaps off a Frankensteiner! Rich in, cleaning house, rolling solebutt, leaping stomp to the back, big splash... NO GOOD!

Setting up the Tiger Driver but Brian interferes and gives Dar room for a back body drop. Swann heads out to take care of Kendrick but Noam is on him and throws him into the ringpost with a sickening thud. Back in the ring, shoulder armbreaker, working it over in a wristlock, and Kendrick tags in to choke Swann in the corner. Trying for the Captain's Hook, Rich fights out and Brian suplexes him in his corner before making a tag.

Dar with stomps, going after the leg now, suplex takes him over and he goes back to the arm with a shoulder armbar. Swann out with body blows, Dar fires uppercuts back, Rich rolls a backslide over and connects with a roundhouse kick! Tozawa in, kick, lands on his feet on a sunset flip, kick, senton... not enough! Going for the Everest German suplex but Dar tags in.

Tozawa dumps him and tags Swann in, they dump Kendrick over and get fired up, off the ropes... suicide dive and a tope con giro! Back in the ring Tozawa hits Kendrick with a sliding knee, Dar kicks his leg out but Swann kicks Noam's head off! Rich up top, dive dodged, Dar tries to steal it with a sit-down pin but Swann gets the knockout kick. One for Kendrick as well, Akira in to hit the snap German suplex on Kendrick, Swann goes up top...

Akira Tozawa & Rich Swann win by pinfall with a Phoenix Splash from Swann on Noam Dar.

Back to the panel, they shill the Network a bit before moving on to the Universal Championship to close out the pre-show.


Main show begins with a video package about the importance of momentum and how bad stopping is, because we're all about going fast at Fastlane.

Sami Zayn vs. Samoa Joe

Circling, tentative, Sami clearly doesn't want to get mauled right out the gate. Joe gets a leg kick in and nearly hobbles Zayn with his first blow! Knucklelock fakeout into a wristlock, Sami grabs a side headlock, gets shot off, and Joe kicks him to the mat. Kick on kick, roll-through to the kneebar but Zayn gets the ropes! Whip off the ropes, Sami up and over, trying for an arm drag but Joe blocks.

Sami gets a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and takes it to Samoa, pushing him in the corner with strikes. On the break, Joe fires off a jab that absolutely levels the underdog! More strikes, Zayn trying to get back in it but Samoa sends him in the corner for the enzuigiri and lays him out again. A heavy right hand, Joe draws him up and Sami fires back, so Samoa does a waistlock takedown to set up a deathlock bow-and-arrow.

Zayn reverses to a pin for one and Joe once again lays waste to him, this time with a single chop. Forearm, jab, jab, chop, Sami falls against the ropes but fires up and starts throwing forearms, only for Joe to roll through his legs and take him down! Standing surfboard applied before Joe takes a knee. Zayn's fired up and trying to escape, he flips through, up-kick, falling lariat takes the big man to the mat!

Behind him for the Blue Thunder Driver, Joe out with elbows but Sami holds on and hits it for a nearfall! Zayn heads to the apron and up to the top but Samoa is up and at 'em and runs over to meet him. Sami knocks him down after a struggle, leaps over, Joe catches him with the Manhattan Drop, Mafia kick, running senton... NO GOOD! Drawing him to his feet, whip in the corner, Sami rushes out into a snap scoop powerslam.

Zayn crawling desperately to the ropes as Joe looks on like a hungry predator. Firing off jab after jab, Sami tries to cover up and ends up collapsing when Samoa goes off the ropes. Small package attempt fails, Zayn gets boots up in the corner and climbs once more, but Joe is ready for him. He's thinking Muscle Buster but Sami fights him off, so Samoa settles for the enzuigiri once more.

Joe climbs after him, thinking superplex, Sami blocking, he tries a sunset flip but Samoa blocks him. Zayn yanks him down into the turnbuckle and goes for the Helluva Kick but the corner Rock Bottom counters! The Coquina Clutch is on! It's only a matter of seconds...

Samoa Joe wins by submission with the Coquina Clutch.


Backstage, Charly interviews Bayley. She asks if there are any extra nerves, and Bayley says there's tons of 'em. Charlotte has the advantage here because of her streak and Dana Brooke, but she's up for the challenge. And come to think of it, if Charlotte is the champions she brags she is, how about she leaves Dana Brooke in the locker room and they find out who the badder woman is.

Nia Jax rolls up and tells Bayley she has so much to worry about. She's gonna go out there and rip her best friends to shreds and then, if Bayley still has the title, she's gonna come take it from her.

Enzo & Big Cass make their entrance, they do the deal. They say the Club say they're all about being mean and making green, but Enzo & Cass are all about [Local Milwaukee Reference]. Enzo says the Club looks like two thumbs up and they don't need to pick them up to drop them where they stand. They wanna claim that they're Too Sweet, but they're gonna take the titles, SAWFT, etc.

Enzo & Big Cass vs. the Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) (c) (WWE Raw Tag Team Championship)

Anderson and Cass to start, Big just forcing him in the corner with huge rights. Takes him to the turnbuckles, smash, punch, tag to Enzo. Assisted corner splash, Gallows gets involved but is quickly dumped and Cass press slams Enzo to the outside onto both men! Back in the ring, Amore gets a back elbow up, right hand, but a bit of subterfuge and the Club are back in charge.

Sick Kick into mounted punches, Karl just scraping his forearm across Enzo's face before he throws up the Too Sweets. Tag made, Big Hoot in with a kick, clubbing overhand, big slicing right and Amore is on dream street. Scoop and a slam gets two and Luke throws a few elbows to the shoulder before grabbing a reverse chinlock. Knee lift and a tag, Machine Gun in with a right, scoop slap, knee drop on knee drop, with a big jumping finale for a nearfall.

Back to the chinlock goes Anderson, Enzo tries to roll in for a tag but is denied. Amore to his feet, Karl clubs him but gets sidestepped on a charge and sent outside. He tries to yank Enzo out of the ring and gets caught with an enzuigiri. The little guy ducks and dodges and Big Hoot goes into the ringpost, back in the ring... Anderson catches him with a Sick Kick to block the tag!

Stomps to the head, uppercuts in the corner, tag to Gallows. Sex Ferguson in with punches in the corner and he knocks Amore down with a slicing right that nearly ends it. Big right connects, whip to the corner, Enzo dodges a corner avalanche and an elbow drop but he's reaching for the wrong corner. Anderson tags back in, corner dropkick is dodged and Machine Gun gets crotched!

Tag to Big, he runs Anderson over a few times, fallaway slam, Stinger splash, fallaway slam, Stinger splash, side slam, off the ropes, Empire Elbow! A boot for Gallows but Anderson is right up with a schoolboy nearfall. He runs into a boot, Enzo makes the tag, the Rocket Launcher connects... GALLOWS YANKS ENZO OUT OF THE RING! He shoves Cass into the barricade when he comes over to fight!

Enzo dives on Gallows, but when he tries to come back in the ring...

The Club win by pinfall with a Sick Kick from Karl Anderson on Enzo Amore, retaining the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship.

Enzo, it must be noted, had a foot on the ropes but Gallows shoved it off without the referee noticing.


Mick is backstage telling Steph that Fastlane is off to an amazing start, but she's upset that she has to watch on her phone, because her plane is stuck. She doesn't think she's gonna make it before the show's over, so he needs her to make sure to the top title matches go off without a hitch. He tries to tell her to relax but she says that does the opposite and she wants to stay on the phone with him for the rest of the show. She wants to talk about Joe but asks if she's on speakerphone.

Mick picks up the handset and says absolutely not before agreeing when the line cuts and he looks at the handset, bemused.

Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks

Sasha charges in, Nia lifts her up but the Boss slips out and starts peppering her with strikes, forcing her in the corner. Jax throws her off, Banks in with a pair of dropkicks and Nia whips her into the corner hard before knocking her down. Picks her up, running powerslam backbreaker, backbreaker and she wrenches Sasha hard over her knee. Banks out with knees, ducks a lariat, trying for a sunset flip

Off the ropes, Jax runs her over and gets two off a cover. Boss caught up in the ropes, Nia yanks her back over the top rope to put her back in yet more agony. Banks throwing hands from the mat defiant but Jax shoves her back down in the corner before dragging her over for a kneeling surfboard. Upkicks get Sasha out, but Nia biels her across the ring, asking her what she has now.

Double wristlock with a foot to the back, forced to break because Sasha was under the plane of the ropes and Jax applies a standing surfboard to follow. Banks to her feet, gets slammed right down as Nia proclaims that she is, in fact, the boss. Whip in the corner blocked, Sasha with an elbow but Jax slams her face into the turnbuckle and grabs an Argentine backbreaker rack, doing squats with the Boss locked.

Wrenching it, she tries to spin out into a powerbomb but Banks has a guillotine choke applied! Nia powers out but Sasha re-applies! Jax tries to turn it into a suplex and the Boss grabs a sleeper hold! She sets Banks up in the corner but she jumps right back on it! Jax snapmares her off and Sasha fires off a kick, boots up, ducks a charge by the skin of her teeth

Tilt-a-whirl DDT and the Bank Statement crossface is applied out of it! From Dusk 'Til Banks, if you will! Jax fights out, Banks runs into her and gets caught with a chokeslam. Off the ropes with the leg drop now, Sasha seems out of it and Nia starts whipping her around. Fireman's carry, but Sasha reverses...

Sasha Banks wins by pinfall with a bridging O'Connor roll.


Commentary recaps the Jinder/Rusev stuff from the pre-show, so those matches are up now. Jinder and Rusev enter and bicker about whose match is first and get into it, brawling punch-for-punch! Rusev throws Jinder out of the ring and Mahal returns the favor by throwing him into the ringpost and clobbering him with a jumping knee strike! Cesaro and Sheamus come out, so presumably they'll be their opponents tonight!

Cesaro vs. Jinder Mahal

Collar and elbow, Cesaro grabs a waistlock, Jinder reverses to a hammerlock and Cesaro gets out with a flying mare. Jinder cuts off a second lockup with a knee and throws some hands before whipping Cesaro in the corner hard and sending him off the ropes for forearms to the kidneys. The Swiss Superman returns a hard one of his own and throws a double stomp to the chest to boot.

Karelin lift gets one. side headlock, Mahal shoots him off and Cesaro catches him into a backbreaker on the rebound. Jinder to the apron, Cesarohooks him thinking deadlift superplex but the back damage is bugging him and Mahal is able to crotch him and throw a dropkick to his back to weaken it further. Repeat knee drops into a choke, Jinder fishhooks Cesaro and chokes him over the ropes.

Short-arm lariat for two, then into a rear chinlock with a knee to the back. Cesaro stands up and goes to lift him but again the back gives out and Mahal catches him with a running knee and then a low dropkick for two. Struggling in the ropes, Jinder with a forearm to the face but Cesaro blocks the turnbuckle smash and starts throwing uppercuts. Going for a suplex, Jinder blocks and throws a knee before a hammer whip.

Knees in the corner but referee Rod Zapata forces the break. Going for a suplex, Cesaro blocks and deadlifts him up and over one-armed! Right hand rocks the Swiss national but he fires back with uppercuts on uppercuts, backing Mahal in the corner. Whip across, uppercut train leaving the station but it gets reversed on the third. Cesaro up and over, drop-toehold leaves Jinder hanging on the second... Tiger feint kick!

Cesaro up top, diving crossbody... NOT ENOUGH! Going for the swing, Mahal has the ropes and knocks Cesaro down with a few kicks. Evil intentions on Jinder's face as he sees Rusev come to his feet at the Spanish announce table, but taking his eyes off Cesaro was a mistake...

Cesaro wins by pinfall with Swiss Death.

Rusev attacks Jinder after the match, hands on hands and stomps on stomps in the corner, just destroying him. Shoulder thrusts now, Rusev backs off... jumping thrust kick!



Big Show vs. Rusev

Show with a boot out the gate, he takes Rusev corner to corner for punches and finally lays the hamhock down with the giant slap. Shush the crowd before a second, Rusev bails and Show follows, shoving him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Big blocks a punch and hammers Rusev to the mat before standing on his Bulgarian back and using the ropes for leverage.

Big headbutt, whip to the corner, Stinger splash, another headbutt, Rusev is out on his feet as Show chokes him over the ropes! Inverted headlock elbow drop gets a nearfall, Show follows it up with a stiff kick to the ribs as Rusev reaches for the mat. Rusev with desperate body blows, off the ropes to try and level the giant, he's got Show staggered but he gets a lariat in return on the next try.

Whip to the corner, Stinger splash, Big off the ropes and Rusev takes his knee out! The Bulgarian Brute throwing stomps now, they can't finish the match, but he goes after the leg more, dropping an elbow on the knee and grapevining it to boot. Show uses his other leg for leverage and kicks Rusev's nose in to escape. Big side slam almost does the trick and Rusev heads outside again.

Big palms his head like a basketball and drags him to the apron but Rusev snaps his neck over the ropes He runs back in and the giant gets him goozled but he escapes, takes the knee out, thrust kick to the face, another staggers him, Rusev fires up for a third... NO GOOD! Rusev declares his intent to machka, and lays in stomps to the back, but Show throws him out of the ring when he tries to lock it on.

Rusev back in and he gets chokeslammed! Show takes the straps down, goozles him again, jaws at him, and plants him! Goozled one more time... and down again! Big drags him in the corner and sits him up...

Big Show wins by pinfall with the WMD.


Enzo & Big Cass sell chicken by suggesting that Enzo may have known it biblically, once again.

Backstage, Charly interviews Kevin Owens, but he cuts off the question, asking why this is the biggest match. Is it because Goldberg beat Brock Lesnar? Who has he beat in the ten years before that? Nobody. He's beaten one man, and that's not impressive. Whereas KO has beaten everybody from Dean Ambrose to John Cena, and you really think he's gonna let somebody he doesn't respect take the title from him?

No way, he's gonna outwrestle Bill and beat him and whoever else they want to put in front of him, whether it's Sami Zayn, Brock Lesnar, or the Rock. Because there's a reason he's Universal Champion, and it's that he's the best, and not even the mighty Goldberg can change that. This is the Kevin Owens Show, and it will continue to be for as long as he likes.

Austin Aries is at the announce desk and he wants everybody to take another look at his beautiful package, so that's what we're gonna do.

Jack Gallagher vs. Neville (c) (WWE Cruiserweight Championship)

Circling, Neville with a waistlock but he shoves Jack off right away. Circling again, collar and elbow, the King grabs a waistlock but the Gentleman slips out and grabs his leg. Wristlock applied, Neville fighting it but he forces Gallagher to the ropes. Break made, he's right on the arm again, shot off, headstand in the corner, faking him out every time he runs in and getting back up when Neville yanks him down.

Kick into uppercuts, Neville with a headlock, gets shot off, dropdown, leapfrog caught but Jack throws a dropkick and the King bails. He yanks Gallagher out of the ring but eats a pair of forearms before he can throw Gallagher into the barricade hard. He rolls the Gentleman back in, clutching his neck, and the King heads up top to prowl before firing a missile dropkick off that gets two.

Running stomp, using the ropes to grind Jack's head down, smash into the turnbuckles, kick to the gut and he stomps the proverbial mudhole. Double thrust to the gut gets Gallagher back in it, uppercuts, King cuts him off with a knee and throws a snap suplex. In the corner with a forearm, that gets two, and then more grinding the face into the mat before seeing up a rear chinlock.

Jack fights to his feet and out with forearms, hammering away. Ducks a lariat, dropkick, a second and Neville bails again... GALLAGHER FLIES, SUICIDE DIVE! Back in the ring, Neville throws an uppercut but Jack escapes a scoop and sets him up top with a back suplex lift. Gallagher climbs after him... BACK SUPERPLEX! Both men slow to their feet, the King flapjacks him onto the top rope before pasting him with a short one-armed bulldog!

Neville calls for the deadlift German suplex but Jack scoops him up with a schoolboy that nearly ends it! King tosses him off the ropes, snap German suplex dumps him on his head, Phoenix Splash... JACK KICKS OUT! Disdainful kick from Neville but Jack steels himself and rises, defiant. Rolling solebutt, kick to the chops, another solebutt, off the ropes but Jack dodges... headbutt!

Bicycle kick from the King earns another headbutt... NOT ENOUGH! Neville crawls in the corner, Gallagher has it set up... the King dodges the dropkick and kicks Jack to the apron! Struggling in the corner, Gallagher knocks him down! He sets the champ up in the corner and snaps off a headbutt that leaves Neville out cold! Jack pulls him in but the King is alive and drops him with an avalanche Gourdbuster! Up top, Neville's done playing...

Neville wins by pinfall with Red Arrow, retaining the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.


Charly interviews Paul Heyman, asking if Brock's here. He realizes they've never met and introduces himself, saying yes, his client has the right to be here tonight. Whether his client decides to exercise that option is privileged information, but whoever wins tonight, Brock wins. If it's Goldberg, Brock gets to win the title, and if Owens wins, he'll do so by exposing a weakness in Goldberg that Brock can take advantage of.

Big E does the thing, so it's time for New Day to be on the show. They come out with an umbrella and move it to reveal they have a cart full of New Day Pops! Big E has a real carnal desire for this cart, I tell you what. Xavier Woods says they started with a t-shirt and a dream, but the crowd's voices were heard. This prompts E to sing a bit of Randy Orton's theme.

The dream of Booty-Os turned into a reality, and now... Big breaks into song again, and they accuse him of sipping on something. Kofi Kingston says somebody has an opportunity, which gives them a chance to do the owl gimmick, and he says we have an opportunity to make our voices heard. So that's why they brought this New Day bike that they skeeted stickers all over, and they're gonna ride it long, they're gonna ride it hard and put it away wet, all the way to WrestleMania.

Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

Circling, collar and elbow but Braun forces Roman right into the corner and chucks him across the ring, roaring at him! Back to circling, Reigns grabs a waistlock, Strowman reverses to a wristlock and whips the Big Dog right out of the ring. Roman tries to get back in and Braun knocks him right down with a forearm. The monster wants more, licking his lips and gesturing, Reigns comes over and catches him as he goes to knock him down.

Right hands in the ring, Braun blocks a Samoa drop and clubs him down. Roman throwing hands on hands before clotheslining Strowman out of the ring. Braun yanks him out and throws him over the steps! Jumping lariat off the steps but the big man is still on his feet. Reigns sidesteps a charge and Strowman eats steps. Braun throws him in to the apron and back in the ring.

Roman cuts him off on his entry with a knee and hammers him in the corner with strikes before climbing the man-mountain for corner punches but the monster counters with a thrust spinebuster. Dragging him up the vest and throwing him in the corner, body avalanche and a biel give way to a kick in the corner and another biel before Braun goes to work with a trapezius claw.

The Big Dog powers out, wristlock, going for the Samoan drop but Braun blocks, fireman's carry... Samoan drop of his own! Strowman walks around the body before settling on a big splash for two. Rear chinlock applied, Roman struggling, but Braun adds crossface blows to stop him cold before switching to a reverse chinlock. Reigns claws at Strowman's beard and draws himself to his feet and out with body blows.

A knee from Braun, Roman comes off the ropes with a lariat to daze the monster! A second, Strowman fires up, he catches Roman off the ropes, inverted chokeslam... NO GOOD! He throws Reigns outside and follows, dragging him up by the vest. Roman tries to fight him but the monster clubs him down and starts dismantling the Spanish announce desk.

He breaks the count, picks Roman up for the running powerslam but he fights out and shoves Braun into the ringpost. Going for Drive-By but Strowman catches him and throws him into the ringpost! Back in the ring, the Big Dog dodges a charge and Braun eats the ringpost shoulder-first. Roman on his back with punches, charging lariat in the corner, in another and then into the corner lariats, all ten of 'em, going for a boot as a big finish but Braun blocks.

Goes for a chokeslam, Reigns slips out, Samoan drop connects finally! Both men spent and starting to feel the effects of the match, the Big Dog gets up and calls for the Superman Punch but Braun sidesteps it and clubs him to the mat! Strowman with the Yokosuka Cutter... NOT ENOUGH! Big right hand in the corner, charges in with a kick but Reigns dodges and Braun spills all the way outside!

Drive-By connects this time, but Strowman's still on his feet. Calling for the spear, Braun catches him! RUNNING POWERSLAM THROUGH THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE DESK! He throws Roman back in the ring but his knee is bugging him from the missed kick and he's hobbling a bit. Roman hits the spear clean in the middle of the ring... BRAUN KICKED OUT!

The Big Dog to his feet first, he calls for the spear again but Braun goozles him and throws him in the corner. Charging in, Roman ducks and the ring shakes! Superman Punch! Braun on his feet.. a second one staggers him and knocks him into the second rope! Criss-cross, Roman ducks a lariat but gets run over by the monster! Braun heads to the apron... he's climbing up top!


Roman Reigns wins by pinfall with the spear.


Mick Foley is walking backstage looking for Samoa Joe, and he finds him. He says that Stephanie isn't here but he knows she'd want KO to win by himself, and the Owens he knows wouldn't want him getting involved either, so he tells Joe he'd like for this to be the last time he sees his face tonight, and if not there'll be hell to pay. Joe walks off without a word.

Bayley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair (WWE Raw Women's Championship)

It must be noted that Charlotte made a show of sending Dana Brooke to the back during her entrance.

Flair runs the ropes and gives a "Wooo!" before getting going. Into the collar and elbow, Charlotte forces Bayley into the ropes before breaking clean. Waistlock takedown, Bayley out at one, circling, back to the waistlock, the champion reverses, drop toehold and a cover. Side headlock, the Hugger shoots her off, eats a trio of shoulder blocks and tends to her shoulder in the corner.

Bayley picks the leg, jackknife pin, La Magistral, she's trying to end it early but Flair catches her with a knee. Whip reversed, Flair Flip, shoulder-block, turnbuckle smash, Bayley drops her to the apron and heads out herself. Diving Frankensteiner off the apron, rolls her back in the ring, champion heads up top, diving crossbody gets two! Looking for the Bayley-to-Belly but Charlotte escapes and heads outside for a breather.

Giving the champ the run-around, she runs her over on the floor and goes back in the ring, raining forearms down on her face and planting her with a big boot to boot. Reverse chinlock applied, she's yanking Bayley around hard in and throws her away when she shows signs of fighting out. Arm drag off the second, Charlotte catches her with a knee drop in the corner and follows with a few more for a nearfall.

Figure four necklock applied, smashing Bayley's face into the mat and choking the life out of her. Rolling through now, then kipping up and breaking the hold, Flair struts a bit before delivering a knee drop bulldog. Chop time, as she asks Bayley where Sasha is now and calls her a cheater but Bayley fires up and throws defiant chops in return! Charlotte back it with a neckbreaker, big boot, kick in the corner, smashing her face into the apron.

Flair with the Dragon sleeper, driving a knee into Bayley's back but the champion fights it. Leg drop cuts her off but it can't put the Hugger away! Moonsault connects, standing senton atomico... NOT ENOUGH! Charlotte getting angry now, yelling about how Bayley is "just a fan", disdainful shoves, whip, chop on the rebound, and a second time. The third gets a clothesline from the champion in return!

Knees to the gut, chops on chops, sliding lariat into grounded punches, Bayley's on fire! Stunner hung on the middle rope, shoulder thrust, tube man elbow, back suplex nearly does it! Whip, Flair Flip but the Hugger stops her midway and hangs her in the Tree of Woe! Flair fighting it, Bayley barely catches her with a springboard elbow drop before dropping a pair of normal ones.

Champion heads up top but Charlotte heads to the apron. Struggling in the corner, punches over the turnbuckles and Flair yanks her into the turnbuckle arm first. Flair up top, Bayley meets her... AVALANCHE FRANKENSTEINER! Up top... MACHO ELBOW! NO GOOD! Charlotte with a leg kick and she follows by dumping the champion out of the ring.

Bayley to the apron, Flair knocks her down with a big boot, Natural Selection... BAYLEY KICKS OUT! Bayley with a crucifix pin... NOT ENOUGH! Charlotte looking for the figure for but the champion is ready and kicks her away, struggling on the apron... FLAIR PRESS SLAMS HER TO THE FLOOR! Up top... but here comes Sasha Banks! Charlotte stops to deal with her... BAYLEY-TO-BELLY ON THE FLOOR!

The champion rolls her back in the ring but Flair is ready with a small package and a handful of tights. Sasha points it out and referee Darrick Moore stops his count! Bayley catches her again...

Bayley wins by pinfall with the Bayley-to-Belly, retaining the WWE Raw Women's Championship.


Commentary pushes some WrestleMania hype and pumps up Raw Talk before doing the Rollins recap again.

Goldberg vs. Kevin Owens (c) (WWE Universal Championship)

Owens bails before the bell even rings! He takes his sweet time, hoping to get inside Goldberg's head, but eventually gets back on the apron... and leaves again. Back to the apron, a foot over the middle rope... and back out. Chilling on the apron like it's a tag match, he hops in... and slides back out. Taking a nice tour of the aisle now, with Goldberg pacing like a captive lion as referee Chad Patton tries to keep everybody on an even keel.

KO in, he wants the bell rung... Here comes Chris Jericho! The bell rings! SPEAR! Bill has him hooked...

Goldberg wins by pinfall with a Jackhammer, winning the WWE Universal Championship.

Goldberg celebrates with the Big Red Belt, and that's the show, folks.

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