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Miz & Maryse respond to John Cena on the WWE Hall of Fame 2017 red carpet

John Cena went off on Miz and Maryse on this week’s episode of SmackDown Live, and the “It Couple” never got the chance to respond to it. When they hit the red carpet for the WWE Hall of Fame 2017 special, they didn’t miss an opportunity to hit back:

Miz: "We've been getting a lot of, since we've been doing all the media row and the whole week, is like 'man, Cena had this amazing promo on you on Tuesday.' I was like 'no, it was like a 10 minute thing of what I was telling everyone he does.' He spins everything to make everyone believe that it's something to cheer about but he lies about everything. It was like he said that I wanted to be on Total Divas, like I got her on it because I wanted to be on it so bad -- If I wanted to be on a reality show, I'd go to MTV and just say... you don't think they'd want me on the challenge right away? Of course they would. No doubt in my mind."

Maryse: "There are so many things that he said. Facts are facts. If you're a longtime fan of wrestling you know your facts. When he said 'you haven't accomplished anything...' Excuse me, basically by crapping on me you just crapped on the entire women's division, an entire era of women that fought for the right to be on TV and to be able to do what they do. This wasn't right. This was disrespectful to not only me but a lot of women."

It’s sad this is almost over now, isn’t it?

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