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WrestleMania 33 set construction requires more than 400 people, 100 trucks

A lot of folks are fascinated by the mammoth set WWE has been building in Orlando’s Camping World Stadium for WrestleMania 33 this Sunday, April 2. A new article in the host city’s newspaper, the Orlando Sentinel, talks to the man responsible for it all and reveals some amazing statistics about the biggest undertaking in sports entertainment.

WWE’s Senior Vice-President of Event Technical Operations, Duncan Leslie, wouldn’t tell the Sentinel if that really is a functional roller coaster on the stage, but he did break down some numbers:

Between 400 to 500 people contribute to this, whether it’s [information technology] guys, loaders, crane operators, riggers, lighting folks and everything in between. There will be [more than] 100 semi-trucks bringing in gear all week long.

In addition to their core crew, the company hires 200 - 300 stage hands locally. And remember, that team is not only setting up stadium, but also Amway Center for two very different events - Friday’s Hall of Fame Ceremony and Saturday’s NXT TakeOver.

There will be more than 1,000 lighting fixtures in the set at the former Citrus Bowl (production designer Jason Robinson also says the team has planned for sunset and incorporated the natural light into their presentation) and WWE will use more LED video than ever before at ‘Mania 33.

Here’s a new fan video to give you a little taste of what “The Ultimate Thrill Ride” will look like after dark on Sunday:

As excited as we may be to see what WWE’ put together, Leslie says his team is excited to show it to us:

I want the fans to say, “Wow.” We all put our heart and soul into this. We really do it to make sure that our fans walk away feeling that they truly experienced something.

Is it Sunday yet?

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