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You’ve spent more than an hour of your life watching Triple H entrances at WrestleMania

Triple H is fighting Seth Rollins in a non-sanctioned match this year at WrestleMania 33, and so that means you will likely be forced to endure yet another unnecessarily grandiose entrance from The Game.

With that in mind, I decided to take a look at how long each of Triple H’s prior entrances at WrestleMania events have lasted compared to his opponents. In the cases where Triple H faced multiple opponents (such as WrestleMania 16), I simply chose the opponent who had the longest entrance time from the group.

Here is a table with the results. The final column shows the difference in entrance time in seconds, where a negative time indicates that Triple H’s entrance was shorter than his opponent:

Triple H entrance times at WrestleMania

WrestleMania HHH Entrance Opponent Opponent Entrance Difference
WrestleMania HHH Entrance Opponent Opponent Entrance Difference
12 2m 22s Warrior 2m 29s -7
13 1m 28s Goldust 1m 42s -14
14 1m 57s Owen 0m 35s 82
15 0m 19s Kane 3m 13s -174
16 1m 45s Big Show 1m 28s 17
17 3m 55s Undertaker 1m 20s 155
18 3m 18s Jericho 2m 36s 42
19 1m 56s Booker T 1m 36s 20
20 1m 53s HBK 1m 08s 45
21 3m 44s Batista 1m 47s 117
22 3m 36s Cena 3m 33s 3
24 3m 16s Cena 2m 19s 57
25 2m 38s Orton 3m 22s -44
26 2m 53s Sheamus 1m 26s 87
27 4m 30s Undertaker 4m 21s 9
28 2m 29s Undertaker 3m 58s -89
29 2m 21s Lesnar 2m 14s 7
30 4m 52s Bryan 1m 33s 199
31 5m 14s Sting 4m 17s 57
32 5m 51s Reigns 2m 21s 210

This table shows that Triple H had a longer entrance than his opponent in 15 of his 20 matches at WrestleMania. His entrance at WrestleMania 27 was actually longer than the Undertaker’s entrance! And not surprisingly, Triple H was most vulnerable to having a shorter entrance than his opponent in the years prior to reaching the main event level; he fell short of his opponent three times in his first four WrestleMania events.

It appears that these ridiculous things are lasting even longer in recent years, with his entrances at both WrestleMania 31 and WrestleMania 32 both breaking the 5-minute mark. Let’s face it, this is probably the main reason that Triple H was so determined to get on the card in a match at WrestleMania 33; his entrance is a decent bet to last longer than Goldberg’s match.

In total, Triple H’s 20 separate entrances add up to 60m 17s, which means that you have spent more than an hour of your life listening to his entrance music and watching this guy walk to the ring at WrestleMania.

The 20 opponents in the table above have a combined entrance time of 47m 18s. This man’s shovel cannot be held down, even when it comes to entrances.

Triple H wrestled multiple opponents at WrestleMania 16, 20, and 24, but the table above only includes the entrance time for one opponent in each of those years. When the missing entrance times for Mick Foley (1m 12s), the Rock (0m 58s), Chris Benoit (0m 47s), and Randy Orton (2m 11s) are also included from those WrestleMania events, his opponents still only come out with a total entrance time of 52m 26s.

For some context, it’s good to know that I timed all wrestler entrances on pay-per-view in 2014 and Randy Orton consistently had some of the longest entrances due to his slow walk to the ring. His average entrance time that year was roughly 2m 04s. Extending that lengthy entrance time average over 20 matches would produce a total entrance time of 41m 20s. So Triple H’s WrestleMania opponents beat that mark by a decent amount, but Triple H completely blows it away.

I would strongly prefer to see his 5-minute entrance time instead go to a Breezango entrance this year, but there are certainly some fans who eat this stuff up.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Are you looking forward to Triple H’s spectacular entrance this year at WrestleMania? And does Seth even have a small shot at surpassing the Cerebral Assassin’s entrance time?

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