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WWE didn't say 'Ultimate Thrill Ride' on Raw nearly as much as you think they did

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Sometimes on Raw there is a word or phrase that is repeated so many times during a segment it just feels absurd.

In 2014 we had Seth Rollins going on and on about “John” while taking Edge hostage, and in 2015 we had Roman Reigns and his strange obsession with tater tots.

This week’s episode of Raw presented us with the latest chapter in this ridiculous phenomenon: the branding of WrestleMania 33 as the “Ultimate Thrill Ride.”

We decided that it is our duty here at Cageside Seats to count every single time that phrase was used during yesterday’s broadcast, and here is the current list:

  1. Triple H: “Seth, it means that when you sign this contract and you step into the ring with me at WrestleMania, the Ultimate Thrill Ride, it means that when I take that crutch...”
  2. Triple H: “But hell, you want to grow a conscience right now, you want to sign this contract, I don’t know, when you go to the Ultimate Thrill Ride, I guess the ride won’t be so thrilling, that ride is right back to Birmingham...”
  3. Austin Aries: “This is Austin Aries signing off, Neville I will see you at the Ultimate Thrill Ride, WrestleMania.”
  4. Michael Cole: “This coming Sunday, the Ultimate Thrill Ride of WrestleMania, streaming live on the WWE Network, Roman Reigns the Big Dog against the original Big Dog...”
  5. Undertaker: “The Roman Empire will fall, and the Ultimate Thrill Ride will be your last ride.”
  6. Enzo Amore: “But that’s ‘cause we got a fast pass to the Ultimate Thrill Ride, WrestleMania.”
  7. Michael Cole: “ we get set for WrestleMania, six night away, the Ultimate Thrill Ride, streaming on the WWE Network.”
  8. Kevin Owens: “I am going to turn the Ultimate Thrill Ride into Chris Jericho’s ultimate demise.”
  9. Michael Cole: “17, 293 WWE fans on hand as we head toward WrestleMania, the Ultimate Thrill Ride, it will be streaming live on the WWE Network.”
  10. Corey Graves: “...and he will go face-to-face with The Game, Triple H, in a non-sanctioned match at the Ultimate Thrill Ride.”
  11. Byron Saxton: “Break out the Booty O’s ladies and gentlemen, maybe a popsicle too, because your official hosts of the Ultimate Thrill Ride that is WrestleMania, is the, wait for it...New Daaaaay.”
  12. Paul Heyman: “I proudly serve as the advocate for the extremist who shall derail Goldberg’s Ultimate Thrill Ride this Sunday at WrestleMania, Brrrrrrrock Lesnar!”

So in total there were 12 instances of the “Ultimate Thrill Ride” that I counted, which is less than I would have predicted after feeling like I was constantly hit over the head with it while initially watching the show. Granted, it’s very possible that the phrase being used 12 times still blows away any other recent Raw, but still, 12 in isolation doesn’t seem like an earth-shattering number.

For some added context, the list is in chronological order, which means the entire first hour of the show was mostly free of this toxin. Thank you, Raw women’s division, for not succumbing to this annoying behavior.

It’s also good to know that at least another half hour lapsed after Triple H’s promo before the next utterance occurred. So the final 10 entries on the list all occurred in roughly the last 90 minutes of the show, and the true number is probably a smaller range of time than even that.

Counting this thing was a soul-crushing experience and it is possible that I may have missed some examples beyond what’s included in the above list. So if you spotted any additional uses of the “Ultimate Thrill Ride” during Raw’s broadcast, let us know and we’ll update this truly awful list.

There you have it, Cagesiders. Do you think WWE went overboard last night in getting the word out on the Ultimate Thrill Ride?